Activities to Entertain Kids at Birthday Parties

[Updated Mar 2018] Having a party venue is really the first step of a successful event. Some places like indoor playgrounds provide entertainment and activities for the kids as part of their party package but when your venue just provide the space, some activities planning may help keeping the kids entertain and giving the adults more time to relax. Here  are some ideas for kids occupied:

Ballons for the kids

Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium is usually a sealable glass container containing soil and plants, creating a small scale water cycle. This activity not only entertain the kids but also teaches them science. You can get DIY kits or simply engage a facilitator for the workshop. You can check out Party Parlour or Make Your Own eStore.

Terrarium DIY Kit from Make Your Own

Balloon Sculpturing

The interesting thing about balloon sculpturing is that kids also get an instant toy to play with which they can also bring home. You can get some one to provide balloon sculpturing services at parties. Service providers like Mr Bottle’s Kids Party charge about $200 an hour for up to 80 balloons.

Alternatively, you can try to DIY and have fun in the process. Balloon sculpturing to is not difficult to learn and instructions are readily available on Youtube.

Arts and Craft

Many art and craft lesson providers such  have birthday packages where the kids get to make an interesting crafts. Providers like Hans Art and Funovator will go to your place and teach kid to make or paint an interesting item to take home. For $150 for 10 kids, Funovator will provide the materials and guide the kids through making a Sun-catcher key-chain and clay model magnets.

Alternatively, grab some craft kits such as the sand art or sun catcher kits from Creating Footprints Together below and keep the kids busy.

Glow in the dark Sand Art with Space theme

Get an Inflatable Bouncer or Playhouse

Sometimes all it takes is somewhere to roll and bounce or a playhouse for the kids to have a wonderful time. Inflatable castles and playhouses can add loads of excitement and fun to any party.

They can be purchase from online stores or rented from party service providers like Tickle Tickle. Rental prices varies from $100 -$400 for 4 hours depending on the type and size of the inflatables.  Toy rental companies like Rent a Toy have playhouse and slides for rental.  Or simply prepare a kids tent, tunnel, cushions or ball pool for hours of fun.

Beyblade Party

Bring out the blades and get the kids to bring their own. The boys and some girls will entertain themselves with these innovative tops, especially if there is a few Beyblade Stadium to go with it.

Treasure Hunt

Hide a few toys and gold coins chocolate and get the kids to play treasure hunt. They will love their loot.

Cup Cake Decorating

Get baked and cool cupcakes, and supply the guest with gummy bears,  sprinkles, mini marshmallows and plastic syringes with colored frosting.

Lego party

These bricks are wonderful for getting kids to play together. Bring out the Legos and show the kids how to play together.


Get some tattoo stickers and show the kids how to put it on.

Or try a combination of the above. We recently attended a party where the host set up  a little kitchenet, Lego corner, Bey Blade Stadium, Tattoo and nail painting  stations for a group of 5 year old boys and girls and it was a hit. The adults get to chat and enjoy as the kids are mostly engross with playing with each other.

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3 comments on Activities to Entertain Kids at Birthday Parties

  1. Andrea Robinson
    / Reply

    What a great list of activities for a party! I love the fact that there’s something for everything, from the really inexpensive, do-it-yourself type of game to the blowout party bounce houses or balloon clowns.

    Kids really know how to have fun, and great adults know how to bring it out!

    Activities like this also teach cooperation, teamwork, competition, forgiveness, and relaxation. All good things for them to “get” before they grow up.


  2. Bob Mansell
    / Reply

    Love your ideas! The balloon animals are adorable, although I wouldn’t try doing my own as am terrified of them popping. I remember a fun kids party where we simply played old fashioned games like Simon Says, Red Light Green Light, and Freeze Tag. These were a novelty, since most of the kids had never heard of them before, and they had a blast. No matter what you do, keep it organized. It’s too easy for wound up kids to get out of control in this setting and have things fall apart. Great post. thanks!

  3. Annie Marie Peters
    / Reply

    Wonderful list of birthday ideas for kids. I really like your idea of cupcake decorating! You could set up a ‘cupcake bar’, and let the kids add everything they want. I have to admit, that sounds yummy for parents too. 😉

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