Easy Craft for Kids – Make a Snake

We have a bunch of left over Ang Baos (Red Packets) from previous years and decide to recycled it by making a link Snake since the coming Chinese New Year is also the Year of the Snake according to the Chinese Zodiac. This activity is super easy and even preschoolers can help with sticking the links, cutting or coloring the eyes and tongue. If you don’t have any red packets, you can always use other recycled materials like magazines or construction paper of any color.

Make a link snake


Step 1: Cutting the Ang Bao into Strips

We cut stips out of the Ang Bao. Make one stip that is wider than the rest for the Snake’s “head” and a few smaller stips for the end of the tail.

Cutting the Ang Bao into Strips

Step 2: Roll up the strips

Rolling up the strips really tight help make it look “rounder” when we link it up later.

Roll up the strips

Step 3: Stick the strips around one another

Next, we use scotch tape to tape the strips around one another.

Sticking the strips around one another like ring links

Step 4: Draw some eyes and cut out a tongue

We draw our eyes using a 10 cent coin and cut out a tongue with the left over ang bao paper.

Draw some eyes and cut out a tongue

We decide to colour our tongue so it looks different from the snake’s “skin”

We draw some highlights to our eyes and go over it with a black marker


Step 5: Stick the eyes and tongue on the Snake

We are done! You can stick the eyes any way you want to create different expression for the snake.

Our snake with a “Curious” Expression

Our snake “Confused”

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