Flash Cards as a learning tool

Flash Cards comes in a variety of sizes

Flashcards have long been used as a study aid in vocabulary learning. Some of  us might remember long gone school days when we study using that stack of flash cards to help us remember new words and learn new information.

Today, our kids start young. Educators have discovered this versatile teaching aid and many early learning programmes uses it as a tool to impart knowledge.  This widely available tool to help our children learn too. Here are some information and tips to get you started.

What are Flash Cards?

This may be an obvious question to most but for the sake of completeness… flash card is basically a card with some information presented on it. The card can present an image or  word with or without additional information behind the card.  It can be physical or digital.  The presenter can show the card to his/her audience and verbally give the information on what is presented on the card to the audience. e.g. show a picture of a an apple while saying the word.

Some well known learning system and educators that uses flash cards:

1. Your Baby Can Read!” system developed by Dr. Robert Titzer
For: Teaching Reading and language skills to babies and preschoolers. Show the word and slide your finger under the word as you read them.
Buzz: Dr. Titzer uses this system on his daughter. By her first birthday, she could read more than 100 words.

2. Glen Doman method
For : Flash card  used as a tool for imparting encyclopedic knowledge, teaching language and math. For language, use big red words. For imparting knowledge, flash item and words and work in more information gradually.
Buzz: Glen Doman have written several books on the topic in the 60s – 70s. Many of  of the babies that benefit from his system now are already grown and testify that it had benefited them.
3. Shichida Method
For : Right brain training. Flash cards of a variety of topics are flash at less than 1 second each to activate the right brain. Start at 100 cards a day and work your way up to 1000. Do it only when your kid is relax and receptive and stop when they loss interest.  At the same time the child absorb the content taught in the cards effortlessly. Its also used to engaged children during story telling, songs and poems.

Buzz: Right brain training is associated with genius like qualities such as photographic memory, perfect intuition and perfect pitch.

4. Leitner System
For: Learning and remembering anything by spaced repetition. Basically you divide the cards into those that you already know and those that you don’t and spaced out the intervals you flash them. Useful for learning anything. proposed by the German psychologist  Sebastian Leitner in the 1970s.
Buzz: Many flash card software uses this system.

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