Free Flash Cards – Flowers

11 types of flowers were shown in this set of flash cards. Flowers that can be commonly seen around Singapore or appear frequently in popular culture or literature are chosen for this set.

Flowers in this set includes: Bougainvillea, Chrysanthemum, Lotus, Orchid, Rose, Sunflowers.

Download Flowers (3.3 MB)

Author: learningmum

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4 comments on Free Flash Cards – Flowers

  1. Mai
    / Reply

    Thanks so much for this resource. It is very very helpful. Can you please update some more?
    Thanks again

    • Learning Mum
      / Reply

      You are most welcome Mai. If you have any topics you will like to see leave us a note. We will try to come up with more resources for ya

      • Caleen

        Agree with Mai. Can we have another set on plants and more flowers seen in Singapore?

  2. Cat
    / Reply

    thanks so much for putting these together!
    it’s awesome resource….am also intrigued at your philosophy of education….with art and nature in that mix ?

    thanks again!

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