Letting kids freely express themselves

One of the ways of letting kids freely express themselves is to put up a white board in their room.

It’s one of the must-have items in my kids’ room. Initially, I had it so I could teach my eldest better without having to search for rough papers. Very soon, the two older kids started drawing and writing all over the board, depleting all the ink in the markers.

Besides teaching them, the whiteboard also serves as an avenue for them to vent their anger or frustrations. The elder one would write how she felt the moment she woke up. The younger one would write or draw what he learnt from school that day.

I was pleasantly surprised that having a board (be it black or white) in their room would allow them to express their thoughts and feelings freely.

This is also a good way to know how your kids are feeling. Just peep at their white board.

Getting Started

If you are thinking of putting up a white board in your kid’s room, do remember the following:

  • Place the white board away from the bed; it can get quite messy
  • Set it at a height suitable for them to write
  • Buy the markers with all the colours available

Whenever any stationary store or Popular is having sale, do remember to stock up on the refills.

A word of caution:

If your child is learning how to write, do not neglect that he/she needs to use a pencil to write as well. Holding a marker to write on the white board and holding a pencil to write on a paper can be quite different.

My son’s kindergarten teacher once mentioned to me that he could write so nicely on the white board but he could not write properly on paper.

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