Talking to my child about Earth day, why and how to be nice to the earth

Its  22 April and it’s Earth Day!  A good time to  start talking to kids about taking care of our mother earth. I remembered that when my child was 8 years old about Earth day and things like global warming, recycling and ways to reduce our Eco-Footprints.

The conversation make me realize that I probably have not done enough to get my child expose to environment issue and decide it is something I definitely want to do more in future.


Talk about how you can be nice to the Earth

Me: Hey sweetie, you know its Earth Day next week?

Son: Earth Day? What’s that?

Me: It’s a day we remind ourselves to be nice to the Earth

Son: Why do we need to be nice to the Earth?

Me : If we are not nice to the Earth, when you grow up there may be no more fresh air to breath and the Earth will get warmer. Do you knows what happens when the Earth gets warmer?

Son : The ice where the penguins live will melt?  (Recalling the Happy Feet Movie he watched sometime ago.)

Me: Yes, your remember watching Happy Feet and when the ice melt and the animals lost their home right?  There will also be lots of animals who can no longer find food because of that.

Son: So if the Earth gets warmer, the animals that live there will die?

Me: Not just that. You know when lots of ice melts in your cup? What happens?

Son: There will be too much water. …so everywhere will be underwater?

Me: Well, some places will be underwater..and the people living there will not be able to live there anymore. There are also things that will happen when the earth becomes hotter. Some places will become too dry and there will be drought and many plants and animals will die.

Son: Is it too late? Is there anything we can do?

Me: We can start by recycling our stuff and not wasting things. Use only water and electricity we need, switch off the lights when you are not using it. Use less paper. Like the paper when we practice your school work? We can use the side where there is noting written on it and then recycle it afterwards. We can also walk instead of taking a car for short distances and eat less meat.

Son: Mummy, I have been bad to the earth, when I was younger I wasted a lot of paper.

Me: It’s not too late, we can start by not wasting  stuff now.

Son: Okay, we can also have an earth hour everyday when we don’t use any electricity. I will not play any computer game or watch TV for that hour.

Me: That’s a great idea!

The conversation end there for us that day, but it spark his interest and got him to be mindful about not wasting electricity, water and paper. There are plenty of resources available to learn about climate change, conservation and what are the things  we can do to help.  So, start talking to your kids about being nice to the Earth today!

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3 comments on Talking to my child about Earth day, why and how to be nice to the earth

  1. Sara
    / Reply

    Will be good if we can have some flash cards or activity sheets on Earth Day too!

  2. caleen
    / Reply

    Thanks for sharing! have wanted to explain to my 4 year old about environment issues and this is so helpful!

  3. Annie Marie Peters
    / Reply

    Great post in honor of Earth Day! It’s really interesting to see the world through an 8-year-old’s eyes. As adults, I think we easily become desensitized to the environmental issues we’re facing. It’s important to talk to kids about our planet and the realities of Global Warming. After all, they are the adults of tomorrow!

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