Saturday Kids

Orchard Central Singapore
150 Orchard Road Singapore Connecticut 238841 SG

It isn’t every day that kids can learn to shape the future.

Kids today live, learn and play in a digital- centric world. Wouldn’t it be great for them to acquire the programming and computational thinking skills that would enable them to become more adaptive and fully-engaged in this exciting and fast-changing environment?

Rather than just learning through digital interaction, Saturday Kids takes a design- based approach that emphasises digital creation. By making it fun and engaging to practise concepts such as iteration, testing, debugging, remixing and modularising, kids receive a well-rounded education in computational thinking, and open their minds to achieve a level of digital literacy that is more meaningful than simply playing with gadgets.

Saturday Kids is organising several Scratch programming for kids aged 7-13!

Lessons are held at 10 Square @ Orchard Central, Fidgets World and Collision 8 High Street Centre

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