The Tots' Classroom - Child Enrichment Boutique for 2 to 6 year old

The Tots’ Classroom offers a series of early childhood development courses for two* to six year olds. These courses seek to enrich children’s ability as they develop. We use directed and focused play that helps a child master their physical, motor, locomotor, cognitive, communication and social skills. The aim is to help the child get ready for formal (primary) schooling.

These skills are important because children without these requisite base skills will be behind their peers in school. Teachers will be struggling to “fix” these children so that they have these base skills before being able to go on to the content that is required. As such, teachers will be encouraging and giving the content-based work to those children who already have the basic skills like spelling, speaking, arithmetic, reading, thinking, attention and are able to do seat work. Those without these abilities tend to get left behind.

Our centre focuses on these skills. We hope that your child will be able to progress well, to be able to engage, to tell others what they do and to have sufficient development in cognitive and intelligence when they first start formal school.

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