Baking and cooking classes for Kids in Singapore

Baking and cooking classes can be  enriching for kids.  The kitchen is where children can learn about measurement, cause and effect,  follow instruction while improving on their motor skills. It is also a valuable life skill.  While this is a great activity to try out at home, it’s always good to let the kids learn from the professionals. Here are some places  in Singapore  with baking and cooking classes  for kids.


Baking and Cooking Classes for kids in Singapore

Pizza Hut

What: Want to Make pizza at Pizza Hut? Kids create pizzas of their own, while learning the art of Pizza-making from the resident Pizza chefs at various outlets at just $25 per kid.
Where: Various Pizza Hut out.

Camp Asia

What:  Camp Asia has a 8 week Saturday class taught by culinary expert Head Chef Tim Ong. We spent an afternoon trying out a baking class by Chef Tim and love it! Check out our experience
There are also camps during Singapore and International School’s holiday where the children can cook up a storm!
Classes for Saturday Chef are held at Stamford American International School , 1 Woodleigh Lane (off Upper Serangoon Road) Singapore 357684


Pastamania’s Doughworkz

What: Doughworkz by PastaMania is a program customized for children  which provides them with the opportunity to have hands-on experience in making their own Pasta or Pizza. Age: 4-12 years old(Pizza)/ 5-12years old (Pasta) $28nett/kid or Family bonding class at$55/pair

Where: PastaMania NEX or PastaMania Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre, 57 Anchorvale Road #02-02, Singapore 544964. To To check on availability, email or call +65 62763009


What: Funsiamo let you bake from a menu of your choice together with friends.
Where: 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-458 Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983


What: Spurbox combines story telling with baking and handicraft in a 90 min class. Choices are plenty as classes include baking stuff like Choco Lava Cake and Koinobori Swissroll. A class typically cost $40  with 1 accompanying adult is allowed per child.
Where: POMO Shopping Mall #05-01/02 Singapore 188306


What: CulinaryOn organize master classes for kids that covers dishes like Pizza Сapricciosa and Hot Waffles with Strawberries at $88 per ticket.
1 Raffles Pl, Singapore (048616)

Big Fun Kitchen

What: Big Fun Kitchen have lessons where anyone can bake cookies, cupcakes and pizza for just  $25 for kids below 18 years old and $35 for adult
277 New Bridge Road #02-01 Singapore (088751)

Cooking By Kids by Expat Kitchen

What:  Expat Kitchen offer coking classes at $50*  for a sessions for kids between 5-8 years old. $55*  for a sessions for kids between 9-13 years old. Children to learn about handling food, eating healthily and how to prepare great kids’ recipes.
9 Norris Road #02-01 Little India, Singapore 208252

Creative Culinaire

What: Creative Culinaire offers a variety of cooking classes for adults and kids. There are  JUNIOR “I can Cook!” and “I can Bake!” and single session programs designed for children aged 5-7 at $50 for each 2hours session.
Where: Creative Culinaire is located at 17 Eng Hoon Street, #01-03 Eng Hoon Mansions.

Kidz Can Bake!™ by Genius R Us

What: Genius R US  offers baking worksohps for kids between 5-12 years old. Kids get to learn concepts of measurement and improve their gross motor skills and improve their confidence. Stuff kids get to cook include items such as sushi, decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies.
Genius R Us is located at 75B Tanjong Pagar Road and City Square Mall.


What: ToTT sells bake wares and supplies but they also have a Bistro and  a Bake&Go studio where you can buy a tin of dough (About $12.80/cookie dough tin) and toppings and start baking cookies.  There is also parent and child baking class at $98 for 1parent + 1child for 2 hours.

Where & When: ToTT Cooking Studio 2, 896 Dunearn Road #01-01A, Singapore 589472

*Note: Cost and lessons information are indicative only. Please refer to provider’s website for updated information.

AFC Studio Cooking School (Closed)

What: $65*  for a 2 hour Mini Chef classes are available on some Saturdays. Parents get to cook up fun and easy-to-make recipes with their kids. Each classes usually featured two featured dishes. Some examples of dishes covered include Cheese Calzone, Butterfly Banana Cupcakes, Cheesy Potato Sticks, Baked Apple & Pear Crumble.
Where & When:
AFC Studio is located at Orchard Central Refer to AFC studio website for schedule

Bakezine Kid’s Baking Workshop (Closed)

What: Baking classes for kids. Choose what the kids will be baking from their on line schedule. A $42* class includes creating one dish and last for about one and a half hour. Example of dishes include Honey Oats Cookies, Banana Chocolate Chip Bread, Cookies & Cream Cupcake and Pizza. Kids get an apron & chef’s Hat, photo frame, certificate & recipe sheet, dairy, A4 plastic file and the stuff they cook
Where & When: Bakerzin Kid’s is located at UE Square. Refer to Bakezine’s website for schedule

KiddsKitchen (Closed ? )

What: 5 or 10 week classes at 90 minutes per class for Kids 4-8 years old and 9-12 years old. the 4-8 years old get to measure and mix ingredients, use a variety of kitchen tools, follow recipes, learn the basics of etiquette, nutrition, food safety. the 9-12 years old get to master cooking techniques, learn how to create their own recipes, the basics of etiquette, nutrition, knife skills and food safety.
Where & When: Refer to KiddsKitchen website for schedule and location

So EZ Cooking Studio/ So EZ Cooking Playground (Closed? Address given is no longer occupied by them. Can’t be reached on their phone )

What: Baking  and cooking classes for kids, adults and kids and parents. Choose what the kids will be baking from their on line schedule. A $48 – 75* class includes creating one dish and last for about one and a half hour. Example of dishes include Rainbow cupcakes, Bunny Pop and Hedgehog cakes.
Where: So EZ Cooking Studio is located at 1 Kim Seng Promenade #B1-16/17, Great World City. EZ Cooking Playground is located at 101 Thomson Road, #B1-02, United Square.

Know somewhere with great cooking class for kids? Tell us about it!


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11 comments on Baking and cooking classes for Kids in Singapore

  1. Librarylady
    / Reply

    I didn’t learn to cook until I got married and suddenly had to cook or starve. My poor husband suffered through some less than stellar meals. What a fun idea to create a cooking school for kids. If they have a positive experience when they’re young, they’ll be inspired cooks by the time they need to take care of themselves.

  2. Giulio D'Erme
    / Reply

    Hello Learningmum, thank you for the great and comprehensive list. I would like to share with you the opening of CULINARYON,the largest recreational cooking studio in Singapore for families and kids. Come and join us for a complementary cooking class so you can experience it first hand. Give us a call +65 3108 0385 and ask for Giulio

    • admin
      / Reply

      Thanks for sharing your cooking studio with us, Giulio. We have edit your comment on the details of your studio as we have included it in the article above and in our free basic directory listing.

  3. jean2010
    / Reply

    I think So EZ Cooking Studio is no longer around. They are not where their website say they are and nobody is picking up the phone.

    • admin
      / Reply

      Thanks for letting us know, jean2010. We have update our list 🙂

    • Giulio D'Erme
      / Reply

      Hello Jean, check out the newest cooking studio in town: CulinaryOn

    / Reply

    Hi! Planning for send my kids for baking class, may I know where the course will be conducted. Thanks.

  5. Liz
    / Reply

    We love Bakezine Kid’s but it had closed down.. 🙁 Its such a pity as we had enjoyed the workshop there.

    • Giulio D'Erme
      / Reply

      Hello Liz, do not despair, check out the newest cooking studio in Town CulinaryOn

  6. Twinker
    / Reply

    Thanks for such a comprehensive list! Certainly save me some time looking for places with classes.

    • Giulio D'Erme
      / Reply

      Hello Twinker, Check out our new cooking studio: 🙂 we offer classes for Kids and Adults.

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