Clay Classes for Kids

Clay and other modeling materials like plasticine is a great medium for making three-dimensional artwork and naturally intrigue kids. Be it play dough, plasticine, ceramic clay or polymer clays, playing with clay give kids the opportunity to practice their fine motor-skills and focus while getting creative and having fun.

Making things out of clay is more than good fun and play.

Giving a kid some clay and playing with them is a great start. But for those who will rather not clean up afterwords or want their kids to learn the finer techniques from the pros, there are a variety of courses or ad hoc classes to choose from.

Ceramic Clay

Ceramic Clay  is clay that  is use for pottery and basically, the kid get to learn about a medium that had been used for thousand of years to create pots, cups, sculptures and other visual art forms.

Ceramic clay needs to be put in a kiln and fired and colors are usually added after-wards using glaze. This traditional medium also offers lots of opportunities to practice fine motor skills when using techniques such as coiling, flattening clay for creating bases for objects or tiles, making pinch pots, shaping and constructing objects that have different parts, and joining parts securely with slip.

Places where kids gets to make stuff with ceramic clay:  Clay Clove, Goodman Ceramic Studio

Polymer Clay

This clay carries unique chemical properties that cause it to change from a soft material that can be modeled in to different shapes to rock hard just by baking it in an ordinary oven. Polymer Clay comes in a variety of colours, which offers loads of opportunities to make colourful and cute figurines. After learning the technique, one can easily continue to make cool stuff at home. Just make sure you get the non toxic brands that are soft and squishy right out of the bag so that it is easy for children to use.

Places teaches kids to make stuff with polymer clay: Play Creation,

Air-dry Clay

Unlike ceramic clay and polymer clay which needs to be fired in a kiln or bake in a microwave oven, air-dry clay simply dry on its own when expose to air. Most are extremely lightweight when dried and you will need to take care to prevent it from drying went working with it. There are plenty of brands and colors to choose from.

Places that offers air-dry clay lessons for kids: Funovator, Craft-It-Yourself


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