Dance classes for kids

Why dance? It’s fun, a great exercise that helps improve flexibility, balance and gross motor skills. The activity provides an active child with an avenue to expand his/her energy while learning the movement patterns in dancing teaches coordination and trains one’s  kinesthetic memory. Some dance have cultural roots and provide opportunities for a child to There are many dance styles to suit every one.  Here are some places that offers dance classes for kids in Singapore.

Dance is a great all run enrichment for kids.


This beautiful and elegant dance is popular with girls as it helps to build physical strength and agility, develop strong concentration skills, an understanding of music and rhythm and helps develop grace, poise and self-assurance. Ballet provides a strong foundation to dance and  insight into art forms related with classical ballet.

Places where kids can learn Ballet: Attitude Performing Arts Studio, Dancepointe, Stepping Out Studios , Singapore Ballet Academy

Ballroom & Latin

Kids learn social skills and a dance style that they can use trough adulthood. They also get to expand their understanding or music and world cultures and learn courtesy and consideration of others.

Places where kids can learn Ballroom and Latin dance: John & Josephine Dance Creative,


Fun and funky dance style appeals very much to the young due to its use of fast-paced popular music. It is a high energy dance that provides an avenue for self expression.

Places where kids can learn Hip Hop: Jitterbugs Swingapore,  Rhapsody @ Pek Kio CC, Studio Wu,

Tap Dancing

Tap classes challenges the feet, rhythm & co-ordination. Most tap steps also helps let go of the tension while providing the same strengthening and fitness benefits of other dance styles.

Places where kids can learn Tap dancing: Dance Arts, Jitterbugs Swingapore,  Rhapsody @ Pek Kio CC

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