Drum lesson for kids at Junior Academy of Music

We had the  a trial drum lesson at the Junior Academy of Music (Jam ). The experience turns out to be a fun and enriching one my 8 year old boy, who learned a few things about music and playing on a full set of drum in one lesson alone.

Drum Lessons Jam

Inviting waiting area

First Impression

On first impression, the environment is bright and inviting and gives off an exciting vibe. The waiting area is bright and cheery with bean bags. The music rooms are of comfortable size, with good soundproofing.  The room we used have two  cool looking drum kits with a white board so kids can focus on the lesson.

Drum Lessons Jam

Sound proof music rooms

The Drum Lesson

The one to one lesson introductory lesson is taught by Mr Luthfi who is extremely patient and encouraging. In the one lesson, my boy learned the names of the different parts of a drum kit and how to coordinate his hands and feet when playing, the correct hand position of holding the drum stick learn to play a grove and hand and feet pattern, reading simple musical notation. And had lots of fun learning a new instrument.

Drum Lessons Jam

Drum Lessons at Jam

In the 30 minutes lesson, Mr Luthfi who was trained in UK, guided my boy and teach him to read from the notes on the board. The two drum kits allow them to play the grove together and for demonstrating the correct way to play while giving the kid a chance to play the sequence on his own. This turns out to be pretty effective as my boy manage to complete the sequence in the picture by the end of the lesson.

Drum Lessons Jam

Learning to read the score and play.

The best part is, he enjoyed the lesson completely and when asked if he have any questions at the end of the session, his response is “Yes, When is my next lesson going to be?”

Free Play at Fidgets

To add icing on the cake, JAM is located at Fidgets, the indoor playground at the Grandstand, Turf City, which means the lesson includes a trip to the playground and mum and dad gets to go grocery shopping at giant or relax at the Cafe in the indoor playground or one of the many restaurants around grandstand.   .

Convenient for the busy parents and additional incentive for the kids to go for lessons. Talk about  killing two birds in one stone.

Why Drums and other Rock instruments for kids

Mr Luthfi shared wanting to start a rock music school for kids starts from the  observation that while learning music can help kids in many ways holistically, some kids are not as keen on learning classical instruments such as piano and violin. Rock instruments like drum kits, electrical guitars and bass on the other hand naturally appeals to many kids today as those instruments are frequently use in pop and rock music.

Hence a child who may not like violin or piano lessons may enjoy his or her drum lesson and ripped the same benefits.


Personally, I thought the available programs and syllabus extremely reasonable.

We can choose from Enrichment Route, where kids just enjoy learning for leisure and Examination route( Endorse by Trinity College London). Four  30minutes one to one lessons for the enrichment route cost just $140 and kids get to play at Fidgets for free! Jam offer music courses to 4-12 years old for Drums, Vocals, Electric Guitar and Electric Bass

Where: Inside Fidgets The Grandstand – 200 Turf Club Road 03-10 Singapore, Singapore 287994 Jam Facebook Site

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