Swimming Classes For Kids

Swimming one of those life skills with multiple benefits. Besides the pleasure, fun and confidence building associated with being able to enjoy playing at the pool safely, swimming is also an excellent aerobic sport.

Benefits for aerobic sports like swimming include improving & strengthening the heart & lungs, aiding blood circulation and  improves joints and body flexibility. Some studies even suggest that aerobic exercises also results in improvement to brain functions.

Swimming Classes for children.

So, where are the places kids can learn swimming in Singapore? We have consolidate some places that offers swimming classes and add some tips on finding a swimming instructor or school that best fit your needs.

Finding a school or a coach

There are plenty of swim schools and swimming coaches offering swimming lessons. Most swim schools have a framework or structure on how they teach and promote students. Many coaches have that too but swim schools usually have more resources to document their methods and handle the administrative aspects and parent communication. There are usually more class slots available for inevitable events such as when the child is sick and need to have a replacement lessons. The coaches will also have some guidelines on what to teach. You may not get to select your kids instructors though and fees are usually more expensive.

 Babies and Toddlers Swimming Lessons

It is never too young to build water confidence and learn safety skills.

There are swimming lessons catering to babies from as young as 5 months old. Some believers of teaching babies to swim claim that it is easier to get them to feel comfortable in water at that age, having spent 9 months submerged in water in the womb.

Quite a number of swimming schools have small classes tailored specially for young children. Most swim schools that cater to babies and toddlers also have classes that teaches kids advance swimming techniques as they gain confidence and skills. Some swim schools that cater to very young kids are:


This swim school has an indoor pool that is also heated to 30 degrees celcius and equipped with a salt chlorinator that sanitize the pool water without chlorine. $$$: Group class for up to 6 kids is $28 per lesson while individual lesson is available at $60 per session


One of the first swimming places that offer infant swimming classes, aquaDucks have a number of location with small pools and groups. According to their website, coaches are specially trained in child psychology, ensuring a well balanced and effective learning environment.
$$$: About $300 for a 12 week term*

Marsden Swim School

This swim school has a heated tuition pool at Turf City. Lessons are also conducted conduct lessons at the Australian International School of Singapore and Queenstown Swimming Complex (see Squad for Children), as well as at Canadian International School (Lakeside). Operated by an Australian couple, this swim school award swim certificates AUSTSWIM accreditation.
$$$: Starts at $28 per class*

Waterfun Aquatic Centre

Operating from NTU Alumni Club @ one-north, Waterfun Aquatic Center offers swim classes for kids as young as 5 months old. There are also specialised programs for kids with asthma, special learning needs, as well as those with knee & joint problems.
$$$: Range from $80 – $280  for 4 lessons depending on class size and age of student.*

Swim Schools that Offers Competitive Swimming

Build self esteem, time management, self-discipline and sportsmanship are just some of the benefits associated with competitive swimming. Kids who can swim but are not prepared to do the drills required for the swim safer programs can build stamina and confidence through  such training. The intensive training involve also help active/restless kids channel their energies in a positive way.

Many of the swim schools that offers competitive swimming also offers basic swimming lessons and have their own methods and certification programs. Such schools usually lead by people with a passion for swimming. Some of them are even headed by ex Olympic Swimmers.

Places that offer competitive swimming in Singapore include: Ace Swim ClubAPS Swim SchoolChinese Swimming Club,Singapore Swimming Club, Swimfast Aquatic Club, Aquatic Masters Swim Club

Private Coaches

Private coaches have more flexibility on how they want to conduct their lessons and many of them are professional coaches who have many years of coaching experiences behind them.The National Registry of Coaches(NROC)  maintains a database of certified swimming coaches. However, there are also many good coaches around who might not be registered. Their lessons usually goes by word of mouth and many of them do not have an online presence.

One way to get a private coach other than through networking is to go to a swimming pool of your choice on a weekend and observe the coaches teaching their classes. See how they interact with their students and the parents and how well the kids in their classes swim. Talk to the parents sitting around to find out more on the coach’s style.Find out  information like the usual class size, how the coach handle situations like rainy days and absenteeism and whether the kids are sent for tests (Most coaches follow the Swim Safer program. Approach the coach after classes to verify the information like his availability and fees and to access whether you are comfortable with the coach.

* Fees are only indicative base on the published rates on the provider’s website as of the publish date of this article.

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  1. rae
    / Reply

    We sent our 6 year old girl to APS ACJC. We like it, the class size is small and she likes her coach.

  2. jeanchua
    / Reply

    Have anyone try APS swim school? Thinking of sending my 5 year old girl there.

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