Motivating Your Child

Do you find it difficult to get kids to do thing like chores around the house and homework 0r even brush their teeth? Instead of the constant reminders and nagging, could there be better ways for the kid to cooperate?


Encouragement is one way that you can start to get rid of all the constant reminding forever. Besides encouragement, here are some tips to get the kid moving.

Show Empathy

Try to show some empathy with your child, before you ask them to do something you know they would rather not do. If they choose to ignore you after you have empathized with your child’s feelings, and they still resists. You can simply ask, “Why don’t you want to….?” More often than not, the answer to that will be your key to cooperation. For example, instead of you constantly reminding, nagging or bribing your child to do something, like fold their clothes, try to empathize with them, and let them know that you know, they would rather be doing something else. You might just uncover that they may be afraid to go to the room alone. Or, they would prefer to turn on some tunes, while they do the task.

Offer Real Mode of Motivation & Encouragement

Try to offer your child a real mode of motivation. Try not to say, “Well, because I told you to.” Instead, explain to your child why keeping their room and the house clean will contribute to better means of healthy living.

Let your child know that you are going to be giving them responsibilities so that they can learn and be prepared for the future.

Instead of offering monetary and external rewards, make positive verbal comments that focus on describing the behavior you want to encourage. e.g. “You followed focus on your work and finished in 20 minutes. Well Done!”

Asking your child how it feels doing a particular task while she’s doing it encourage your kid to cooperate. Questions like, “How does it make you feel now that you have finished your homework early?” may give kids insights about their accomplishments.

Offer Choices

Let your children know that they have a choice. Try not to tell them what to do in controlling language. Your child is much less likely to help out if you dictate what they are going to be doing, what they are going to be wearing, and so on. Try something like, “Would you prefer to fold your clothes now, or after you eat dinner?” or “It would be extremely helpful if you…”

Adjust Our Response

There is always going to be some tasks that your child really do not want to do. But, the key to developing your child’s cooperation is how we should respond to their unwillingness to do some things.

Within all your means, try to encourage your child’s self-motivation by empathizing with their feelings, and taking the time to figuring out more about a situation by simply asking questions, and giving your child some real reasons for doing a certain tasks, and allowing them the choice on how a task will be completed. By doing so, this is going to be the a necessity for your child within themselves.

Your child is as old as you treat them. Research has also shown that It’s time to step back, take a break, and see for yourself how your children can make for themselves.

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1 comment on “Motivating Your Child

  1. Andrea Robinson
    / Reply

    Bravo! I couldn’t agree more that parents can learn some fun ways to get their child to do chores, homework, get ready on time, etc.

    We don’t really put much thought into the way we ask kids to do things. Barking out orders and using a heavy hand teaches resentment for authority, which could follow all through the kid’s life. Studies show that a kid can tolerate military-style parenting if they know that they’re loved, though, so don’t beat yourself up too much if you tend to be somewhat of a drill sergeant.

    Positive techniques like TagTeach are really fun to use and the kids love it, too. I used to use it to get my niece and nephew to respond to my requests, and you can start doing it when kids are still pre-verbal.

    Great things to think about.


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