New Year’s Resolution Time. Be a Better Parent

I think we all have been there; making the same exact New Year’s resolution, each and every year.

That club knows us very well. This does not mean in any way that we are failures! This simply means that we aren’t perfect, but we are headed in the right direction. However, the bad news is; we will not be perfect this year by any means. But, the good news is, we don’t have to be!

As parents, we feel the need to be perfect and have everything in order from A to Z when it comes to our children. We do live in the mighty world of “Super Mom” and “Super Dad” from sunrise to sun up, but our kids don’t need perfection from us! What our children need is a parent who just so happens to fall in love with all their imperfections, temper tantrums, their compassion, and the funny and cute way they react when things go wrong.

To some, this may be tough work. It can be challenging regulations with our own emotions. That’s why some parents would rather be patient until the next course arises. Choosing to resolve to be patient with our children rarely works. By the time were toothless, by all the endless gritting of our teeth to stay patient, we are already taking the flight or fight, or even the freeze tactic.

Be a more patient & happier

If we want to become a more patient happier parent, it’s possible! We’re Super Parents! Here are some resolutions to help us accomplish this main goal. To practice these tactics, it is the work of our lifetime, and of course we will not be perfect in a year, but we can handle anything, right? Of course! We strive for nothing less for our children. So, with this, I guarantee you will be more of a peaceful parent, resulting with a happier, and more cooperative children.

Regulating Our Emotions

Regulating Our Emotions. So we can be the parents that we know we can, we can start by integrating some daily self nurturing in to our lives, like going to be earlier so we feel better rested, and eating healthy foods to maintain our energy. And most important yet, we need to commit to managing our reactions. When we are faced with those hurdles that we all know so well, we need to just relax and regulate our emotions before you speak to our children.

Stay connected

Stay connected. Children tend to be more cooperative and follow our leadership when they are feeling more connection. We need to remember that quality time is not teaching our children what to do, but just have some fun! Let’s shower our kids with more hugs and kisses, and playtime when we can. Not when we want to.

Let’s be the role models and model respect. Children learn from what we model, so it is important that we show our children how to be considerate, and speaking to others respectively. It may be hard at times, but when that happens, lets all count to ten, take a deep breath, and speak to our children respectively.

So, of course our children will make mistakes, and so will we. But are there really any perfect parents that exist? NO! But, when we come together as family who live to embrace our children’s imperfections, smile when they cry, we will all thrive as the Super Parents we know we are.

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    Thank you for your pointers and lovely idea of being a better parent for the new year.

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