A splashing good time at Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage is a reservoir that also help control floods. We finally got around to paying it a visit and were greeted by a life sized replica of the seven pumps operating in Marina Barrage in the form of a Sculpture.


Cute giant balloons of the Pub mascot help lift our moods as we start exploring the place.

Water Wally Mascot

Galleries at the Marina Barrage

The galleries are beautiful to look at and informative as well. Kids and interact with the multimedia displays. We learned about water supply, how the barrage is part of a flood control scheme and the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters program, by PUB.

Gallery two

Gallery three has lots of interactive stuff for the kids

Intriguing light boxes and lights and sounds scape in Gallery 5 .

The model of the area in Gallery 5

The Green Roof – Open space, beautiful views, picnics and kites flying

Coming out from the elevator, we have a pleasant surprise to see a beautiful green patch of grass with a view of Singapore’s skyline. There were plenty of people having picnics, flying kites on the Green Roof

Big open space with breath taking view

Water fun at Marina Barrage

The big space and fountains and water make my boy all excited. The nice part of the water play area is that there are so many variety of fountain in the space and there are also plenty of space to run about

Lots of water play for the kids

Beautiful Sculptures

There are a number of interesting sculptures, artwork in the premise. We are particularly fascinated with  the kinetic sculpture consisting of three brightly colored water cylinders, which roll back and forth, filling then emptying themselves of water.

There are many interesting sculptures in the premise

Where: 8 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018951 ()
$$$: Free

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