Activities with Kids at East Coast Park

Stretching over 15 km, East Coast Park offers many activities for the whole family. It’s  especially fun for the kids. To enjoy the park, first of choose the destination base on the things you want to do and get going!

1. Ride a Bike

You can rent bicycles almost anywhere along the stretch except for area A and H.

East Coast Cycling

East Coast Cycling

More about cycling at East Coast Park with kids

2. Play in the Happening New Playground

The new very big playground at Marine Clove practically spells hours of fun for the kids.


Lots of wobbly bridges and opportunities to climb.


The new playground offer a variety of different play structures.

Where: Zone C Car Park C2

3. Role Play Road Safety

The Road Safety Community Park is open 24 hrs. Kids can play pretend at the shell station and learn about road safety.


Where: Zone B Car Park B2

4. Watch People Cable Ski

You can watch people cable ski or join in the fun yourself! (Opening Soon)


Where: Zone E

5. Sandcastles!

Admire the beautiful and intricate sand castles at Castle Beach.  You learn to make your own on Saturdays & Sundays.



Where: Zone E near Car Park E2

6.  Check Out Bedok Jetty

You can see people fishing at Bedok Jetty. Some days, you  may catch a ship close to the Jetty, some days you may witness a some one catch a big fish!


Bedok Jetty

Close view of ships or people fishing

Where: Zone F near Car Park F1

7. Watch Aeroplanes

At Area F-H, you get plenty of chances to watch the plane fly by in relatively close range.


Plane Watching at East Coast


Where: Zone F, G, H (The nearer to the airport the bigger the planes….)

8. Enjoy the Beach

You are at a beach with plenty of sand and waves. Kids can simply explore and feel the waves on their leg or see what treasure the fine in the sand.

Feel the waves and the sand


Kids exploring at the Beach

Sand can form hours of unstructured play

Where: Zone B, C,D, E, F



BBQ, Picnic or enjoy the many eateries that can be found along the coast. Parklane Green, Marine Clove both have lots of new dining option. East Coast Lagoon Food Village offers oldies but goodies like Jumbo Sea Food.

10. Simply Soak in the Beautiful Scenery

The park is beautiful with plenty of natural beauty.


Benches Facing the Sea


Tree near Big Splash


Boats Parking at a Jetty


A flower on the sand

Tips Before Going

There are many signage along the parks to guide you along on where you are.

Signs at East Coast Park

Signs at East Coast Park

Some places are far apart so do your research on where you want to go first. Generally, if you take public transport, you will be near one of the underpass or over pass so it may be good to start your activities near by.


Do Check out the East Coast Park Map in our directory to plan your trip.

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