Adventure Playground at Pond Gardens, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

This new outdoor playground near Bishan looks so interesting and unique from Nparks pictures that we had wanted to check it out for a long time* as we have a soft spot for outdoor playground with sand and those in a park.

The playground is new and the sand is nice and clean compare to older playgrounds. We like how the theme blends in so nicely with the surrounding while being bright and inviting at the same time.

The net surrounded by tree trunk and the tower.

This playground has a combination of many interesting structures with colourful wavy “roads” that act us runways for the ones on the sand for kids with wheels or just to run on.

The Net, The Tower and The Box

The more striking structures of the playground consist of what looks like a tower, a net hold up by a circle of trees and a bright pink colour box.

The tower have a tall and fast curvy metal slide attached to it. The kids get to race to see who reach the top of the tower and slide down. WOOSH!

Climb up the tower and slide down really fast.

The pink box looks like fun but is under maintenance when we were there.

The pink box looks good.

The Hut, The Bridge, The Tunnel and The Rock Climbing Wall

The whimsical looking hut, a challenging bridge of ropes and huge tunnels

The hut is connected to the bridge and have a little slide and fireman pole.

At the other end of the tunnel is a rock climbing wall with ropes.

The kids love the tunnels and climbing opportunities here.

The Tree Climbing

Adventurous folks who wants to get some experience with tree climbing can try it out with this arty looking structure.

The abstract looking timber is the most challenging to climb.

It’s quite a challenging task as the “tree trunks” are smooth and the kids have their work cut out for them. They were intrigue when they find themselves sliding down as they try to climb up the tree trunks.

The tree trunks are fun!

Ropes  and Pyramid

Another challenge in climbing. This time, with ropes. The ropes are quite closely woven together so that they can catch kids who  fall. It takes the boys some figuring out how best to go up and climb down.  There is a slide to make the way down faster.

This pyramid with rope structures is another favorite.

The ropes can be tricky to climb.

The adventure playground at Bishan park probably have the most variety for the kids to practice their climbing skill. It is meant for kids 5-12 and our 7 to 9 year old boys have lots of fun climbing, chasing each other and playing with sand.

Where the playground is.

*Finding the place & How to get there.

We would have made it there sooner if only we had figure out exactly where it is located. But the Bishan park had been too entrenched in people’s mind that most people we tried to ask goes something like ‘ You mean the park with Mc Donalds? Don’t remember such a playground there.

For quite a long time, I was thinking of this as “Bishan Park Playground”. Turns out I was not wrong since this used to be called “Bishan Park 1” It is a huge elongated area surrounded by Upper Thomson Road and Marymnount Road at the two ends and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and Sin Ming Avenue at the two sides. The Mc Donald’s side used to be called “Bishan Park 2”  and is now call “River Plains” The address is provided by Nparks site.

Our guest blogger Michele from  happens to be familiar with the area and suggested using  landmarks around the playground to help find the playground. The playground location is opposite AMK Methodist Church at the junction of AMK Ave 1 and 3  Nearest parking places are the HDB flats opposite the playground. Thanks Michele! ♥

Where: Along  Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Lighted Hours: 7.00pm to 12.00am

For more information, check out Nparks website on Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.



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