Amazing Time at Kidz Amaze, Safra Toa Payoh

This is really the second time we are at Kidz Amaze Safra Toa Payoh. It was too crowded the first time and the kids got bored within an hour, so I wasn’t too enthusiastic with the new indoor playground. Perhaps it’s the company or perhaps it’s that it’s not so crowded on the day we are there. This time, the boys played for a full 3 hours and have to be coax out of the playground and I have sometime to appreciate this huge play system that rivals the it’s predecessor at Safra Jurong

Big playground at 2,700 square foot

The playground is grouped into three areas. But I don’t think the kids care. They zoom right in and disappeared. There are plenty of space to run and climb, swing and slide.

A tan-gram theme!

Exploring the playground,  there are basically every kind of obstacle ever seen in indoor playgrounds.

Plenty of vertical and horizontal beams

There are lots of slides. I like how unlike most other playgrounds, there are group of balls to swing on close together so the kids do not have to wait too long to get their turn to swing. There are also interactive games to slow them down a little.

Tunnels, Balls to Swing on and Interactive games

The biggest attraction is the ball pool where kids can gather their balls, watch them roll into the machine and wait for it to all come down.

Gathering the colourful balls

The highlight

There are a good variety of slides and this three side by side slides are great for both older and younger kids.

Slides at the City section of the playground


Parents have to pay to go into the play area so most parents, presumably of older kids simply hang around outside. It’s quite spacious with massage chairs and Tv for entertainment. Kids can peek at the parents when they are climbing inside the play structure. I also spot a changing table and there are plenty of locker space. Another area in the play area have comfy looking bean bags for parents to rest after chasing their little ones around.

Kidz Amaze

Toddler and Babies

Toddler and babies pay the same price as bigger kids. But the two areas are designed by early childhood experts… and are in a room away from the main playground so the babies dun get scared by the big kids.

Kidz Amaze

Kidz Amaze


The party rooms look bright and spacious and are available from $449.90 -$556.40 when we last checked for up to 30 kids.

Kidz Amaze

Kidz Amaze

Kidz Amaze Safra Toa Payoh,

$$$: $12.70 – $18.00 per Child

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