Amazonia at Great World City

We have been wanting to check out Amazonia, an indoor playground with a Bristol at Great World City.

Conveniently located in near town, we are quite surprise that the place is actually quite spacious. There seems to be ample room for everything from the entrance, the Bistrol where parents can mingle, to the main play structure, baby and toddler area as well as the Space ball and Golf area.

Amazonia Play-gym

The Entrance

Right opposite the cinema, Amazonia is hard to miss. The entrance is spacious enough to allow for ques on a busyday.

Inviting Entrance

Shoe racks, merchandise area and stroller parking area.

The Main Soft-play Structure

The main play area, or the Jungle Gym is a rain forest theme structure that is surprisingly is big. We thought that it feels bigger than the one at Fidgets and seems to have more variety for the “obstacles” compare to Kidz Amaze.  The slides are tall and really fast too and there are a variety of stairs and spaces for kids to wriggle. The tunnels are big enough so that parents who need to follow their kids won’t have problem getting through.

The slides and the big hippo

We love the slides and the plenty of obstacles. Kids get lots of exercise climbing.

The tall structure have plenty of climbing opportunities.

A triangle tunnel

More obstacles and flaps

Wobbly Tunnel

Going pass the river of “Crocodiles”

Ball pool with target practice

The unassuming trampoline, that is hidden in a corner in the structure is actually a favorite.

The trampoline!

Spiky ball with triangle obstacles and bridge behind.

The Baby/Toddler Area

We thought the toddle area is one of the bigger ones we have seen. It is right beside the Bistro so that the parents can always keep an eye on the little ones and far enough from the Jungle Gym so the big kids are less likely to budge in. There are areas for parents to sit  right outside too

Toddlers and Babies have their own space.

The baby ball pool and slides and the cute lady bug

The key board on the floor actually plays musical instrument.

Space ball theme shoot out area

The space ball shoot out area is pretty cool with glow in the dark colors and alien paintings and a voice over asking you to shoot.

Space theme complete with planets and stars

Cute alien and the cannon and soft balls for shooting  everywhere

The aim is to hit the green neon targets. The voice over and the visual on the LCD screen keep taps on the score for each team.

Keep score

9 hole mini glow-in-the dark golf area

This cool area can be a little scary for some kids so it is better to have company. Kids get to play gold while enjoying the theme atmosphere.

The entrance to the Mini Golf is inviting enough

Glow in the dark Dinosaurs with lots of movement and sound effect

Pirate themes


Amazonia is easily the nicest in indoor soft playground we have been to date overall. It is not the biggest or the tallest but is well thought out and parents who need to meet and chat while not having to worry too much about the kids will have a convenient place to hang out.

Where: Great World City, 1 Kim Seng Promenade #03-08 Singapore 237994.
Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.
$$$: 1- below 3year old (2 Hours) $22.00. 3 years to 12 years old (2 Hours) $33.00, Putters (5 Years old & Above) $8.60



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