Biking with Kids at East Coast Park

Biking along East Coast Park  is one of our favorite school holiday activities back in the 80s when I was a kid. I still hold fond memories of riding and falling from the bike, enjoying the cool sea breeze and stretches and stretches of beach and blue sky outdoors.


Biking at East Coast Park

So when my eight year old is in need of some urgent brushing up on his bike skills one year after learning, that is the place to go. It is simple and fun we always have a great time and some good exercise. Kids brush up their biking skills on the long stretch of road while mum get to chat, riding leisurely behind them. The stretches of sand also means we can rest at the beach while the kids play with sand and water after the biking.

Stop to enjoy the beach and the sand

Getting a Bike along East Coast Park

There are many bike rental shops along East Coast Park. The ones we tried are PCN, Cycle Max (Near Burger King) and Integrated Recreation Centre (at Big Splash Area). Prices are similar and as it is a week day all the bike shops are giving 2 hours for the price of one! Bikes for kids typically cost about $6-8 dollars for kids and $8 for adults for an hour of rental. You need an ID card to rent the bikes.


PCN Pitstop

Integrated Recreation Centre have knee guards for rent. PCN have Pit stops along the road in case you need some adjustment for the bikes along the way

There are bikes for rent eveywhere.


Cycle Max

We love that Cycle Max and have very friendly service and there are also lockers and an area outside for kids to monkey around after everyone is exhausted from the ride.

Cycle Max

Near the hawker centre is another bike rental store Bike Stop that also sells drinks

Bike Stop (Leisure Centre)

Special Bikes / Duo and Quad Cycling

These family style bikes are great when the kids are too young to ride a bike or are tired. We got a duo cycle for $35 at Cycle Max and had two hours of great riding, enjoying the scenery and taking turns doing the work.  These bikes also come with shade which is great when it get hot later in the day.

Duo cycles for the family

There are many interesting sights to see on the way. Try to go for promotions that let you ride longer if you want to venture from one end of the park to the other. The stretch is so long that you could easily need 2 hours or more if you want to stop along the way and enjoy the sights.

Happy Cycling!

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