The White Elephant & Bukit Batok – Why the Hill Coughs

Check out this upcoming interactive performance by By ACT 3 Theatrics. Learn about the legends and myths of Singapore and Asia and get to interact with the characters or help them make choices in the course of their journey in the story. 16 NOV 2011, WED – 20 NOV 2011, SUN

Double Bill performance by By ACT 3 Theatrics

The White Elephant

Across the straits from Indo-China, comes a story of The White Elephant. When the King demands for a white elephant, a clothes washer and a pot maker try to get each other into trouble by telling lies to the King. In this humorous and witty story, the plight of the two tricksters teaches children about greed, selfishness and arrogance.

Bukit Batok -Why The Hill Coughs

On our very own homeland, there is a story – an old story that took place at a time when not many people were living in Singapore. The king of the jungle is none other than Singa, who has our island as his home. Trouble begins to brew when Gumboonga, the Master of Shadows, tries to burn down the jungles, depriving other animals of their home. This struggle between the hero and the villain reveals the unknown story of Bukit Batok -Why The Hill Coughs.

For the Theme Matinee,  you can go dressed up in ethnic costumes or as any favourite storybook, film or TV characters.  Audience will get to take photos, mingle and participate in fun activities.

When: 16 & 17 Nov: 9:30am & 2:30pm, 18 Nov: 8pm , 19 Nov: 11am, 2pm* (Theme Matinee), 5pm, 20 Nov: 2pm, 5pm

Cost: $25 Standard ticket *$35 Standard ticket (Theme Matinee)

For more information check out:  The White Elephant & Bukit Batok – Why the Hill Coughs

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