Evolution Garden At Singapore Botanical Gardens.

This is the part of Botanical Gardens where we get to see the history and development of plants across the planet. It is educational for adults and older children with the informative signs as we walk along the winding trail to explore the unique landscape. For the 6 amd 7 years old in our group, this is mostly a cool mystical place in this big garden.

The carving on the stone at the entrance

The starts here at Lifeless Earth, which showcases the beginning of Earth a whooping 4600 million years ago.

The petrified forest and a cave like rest area.

Life form were non existence at this stage as at this stage there is no oxygen to breath or ozone layer to block the harmful ultraviolet rays.

A crater? The boys love to claim on the stones.

The different texture and shapes of the stones when there are yet to be plants on earth.

There are informative signs guiding us as we walk pass different land spaces and the stick like plants without roots or leaves, ferns and cycads.

Signs like this offers snippets of  information

The boys were intrigue by this eerie tree that looks like it come from a story book. x

The mystical looking trees

And got excited seeing the dinosaur prints and take a quieter moment to observe the mosses on this ancient plant.

The fern and mosses and “dinosaur’s” footprints

Evolution garden, is certainly a fun to explore. The kids have fun pretending that dinosaurs are chasing them while we are inspired to go back, teach the kids more about evolution and bring them back when they grow older and can appreciate the topic better.

Where: At the Botanical Gardens at 1, Cluny Road, near the Visitor center.
Hours:5 am to 12 midnight daily
$$$: Free

For more information check out Singapore Botanical Gardens website

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