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(Updated 2018 : Playground Closed) It’s been a long time since we have been to Fidgets and we had a pleasant surprised when we got there. Every thing  in this indoor playground at Bukit Timah looks brighter, roomier, prettier and cheerier. The entrance cost has increase slightly at $19 for unlimited play instead of $16 previously. Not a big increase, and still pretty attractive for a big playground.

The kids quickly took off their shoes and enter the playground while we parents admire the new layout and new activities they have.

A new look and layout make for lots of improvement

The play-scape is pretty much the same, which is good since the kids love the big structures and running from one structure to the next. There is a section dedicated to music classes, a craft area and a baking studio that looks inviting. There are also much more seats available for parents. The activities cost extra. According to the website an art and play package cost $35 and a bake and play package cost $50. It seems like pretty good value considering many places offers baking lessons at more.

The Main Playground

The Main playground still have the same structures which the kids love. There are more places for the parents to sit and enjoy and there is better lighting. The kids are happy. It’s the same cool structures with every indoor playground must have.

Bridges and tunnels to cross and viewing capsules.

More seats nearer to the plays-capes is a welcome addition.

Climb the obstacles! More seats for the adults.

Lots of climbing opportunities and ways to improve the kids motor skills.

Slide and climb!

No matter what signs you put up, kids will still try to use the slide in the alternative way.

The long slide.

The Cafe

I love what they did with the cafe. The cafe is brighter,with plenty of seats. There is only one screen showing the kids at play at the main playground but the proximity to the seats at the cafe make it easier for parents to keep an eye out for what the kids are up to.  There is a cool with a centre stage for that the kids love exploeing and an ice cream machine with a robot hand that the kids can’t get enough of.

A new look and layout make for lots of improvement

We like the runway right in the middle of the cafe. There seems to be more activities for kids to come.

A new look and layout make for lots of improvement

A make up area?

A new look and layout make for lots of improvement

This ice-cream making robot got the kids quite excited.

Ice cream making robot.

A diaper changing room at a corner of the cafe is quite a thoughtful addition.

Diaper Changing room


The Babies and Toddler’s section

We like how the babies and toddler’s section is still right besides the cafe but far enough from the main playground with a gate so it’s easier to ensure kids above 3 years old stay away, keeping the area exclusive for the little ones.

Toddlers area away from the big kids

The ball pool and climbing equipment are close together, making it easy for parents to monitor the young ones as they switch between their preferred play structures.

There are now more toy vehicles and other toys to keep the little ones busy

We spot a toddler size football goal, basketball hoop and rocking chairs.

Bright and attractive toddler’s car pool.

Art and Craft

While we did not purchase the art and play package, there is an option to buy  for the kids at $16 each. There are 3 kids in our group and they have lots of fun making their masterpiece. The kid choose to do a crown, a mirror, a plane and a shaker. And were kept busy for the next 2 hours.

Inviting art and craft area with lots of crafts to choose from

There are plenty materials to use and pretty crafts to try out.

Pretty art materials.

The kids immediately get to work. The facilitator is friendly and helpful, helping with mixing the colors, guiding the kids and even blow drying their art work.

Kids at work

Baker’s Cottage

The baking studio looks fully equipped from outside. We will probably give it a try on our next trip.

Baking room with kids busy baking.

The Party Room

The rooms are bright and spacious looking with the happy

Pretty rainbows and mushrooms.

Lobby and Shoe area.

We thought the lobby feels more spacious now and there are more room for shoes. So much room that the kids think it is a good place for hide and seek after the playground close at 6.00pm. There are also complimentary lockers should you need them.

Nicer, well lit lobby.


We like the new look and new activities. A visit to this playground can easily set you back more than you plan per child though, since kids may want to have some craft and baking time with such an inviting environment. There seems like more activities to come. Nevertheless it is a good place for parents to chill while the kids play.

Where: 200 Turf Club Road #03-10 The Grandstand (Turf City) Singapore 287994
Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Daily
$$$: Unlimited play at $10 for kids 1-2 year old. $19 for kids. Bake and Play $50 Bake and Craft $35

If you want to take a look at what Fidgets use to be like, check out our previous visit

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  1. chok
    / Reply

    hi, how do we contact them viz email to check birthday packages?

    • scoutiemum
      / Reply

      Hi Chok, you can find their contact information on our directory.

  2. sdchew
    / Reply

    Has this place closed down? I was at Turf City (Grandstand) and wasn’t able to located after taking the lift located near to the Giant entrance

    • / Reply

      It’s there. Now you go in from Pasarbella. There is an escalator leading to the entrance.

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