Fire Engines, Civil Defence and History at Civil Defence Heritage Gallery

We have a fascinating visit at this “mini-museum at the corner of the Central Fire Station Opposite Funan Centre. Other than a chance to see fire-engines and fire fighting equipment from different eras, we have a good time checking out the interactive exhibits while learning about fire safety, fire disasters that had made its mark in Singapore’s history and other cool things that the Civil Defense people do.

The Civil Defense Heritage Gallery

The bronze statues of firemen looking valiant and cool outside the gallery. Another statue on on the balcony of the second level looks like he is inspecting the surrounding of a building.

An old steam fire engine

We have lots of fun pretending to be firemen going onto this fire engine.

This big guy called “Dennis” is our favorite among the fire engines. We pretend to be firemen climbing in and out. There is a movie inside that makes it appear as if we are on our way to put out a fire.

The gears and controls does not actually works but its still lots of fun to explore.

Major fire disasters have make it to some of the history books and many still remember the anguish and life lost. Another reminder to be mindful of fire safety.

Life size models of the wooden houses that were destroyed in one of the worst fires in Singapore’s history.

Interactive Media help us learn about past disaster, like the Robinson’s Fire.

On the second level of this building are more interactive exhibits.

This is one of our favorite exhibits. Press the button …

And you see what it is like inside the Ambulance.

Detailed creation of a disaster scenario where victims are trapped under heavy concrete.

The exhibit give us a taste on how difficult it is for rescue workers to find survivals in a rubble after a disaster. We were ask to listen to different sounds and try to tell which sounds indicate that there could be someone who needs help under the rubble.

The protective suit is 8kg

Does this suit reminds you of x-files? We get to experience what it is like wearing half of the suit. It is not obvious to us till a friendly attendant point out to us that we can press a button and water starts coming down while we try to turn off the leak in a few seconds.

We get to experience what it is like to try stopping a water leak is like wearing the suit.

Clear will illustrated signs and interactive exhibits help us learn about fire safety.

Where: Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, 62 Hill Street, Singapore 179367

Opening Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays, 10am – 5pm (including public holidays).Closed on Mondays

$: Free

For more information, visit the Singapore Civil Defense site

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