Forest Adventure’s Kids Course

Instead of throwing a party for his birthday, we decided to just invite a few of our little boy’s close buddies for a day of fun as a treat. It turned out to be an exciting day for all the kids and they all had lots of fun and seems to learn a thing or two about over coming their fears, taking turns and  independence through this obstacle course for kids at Forest Adventure.

Adventure in the Forest

It took a while for us to walk to the plot where Forest Adventure is. It was kind of hot at 3:00pm but the boys where excited and continued walking despite complains. We finally saw the little hut with the big orange Forest Adventure logo and the boys ran happily towards it.

Register, pay and get the height taken at the hut.

After taking their height (kids need to be between 1.1m to 1.45)  paying and signing the disclaimer forms, the kids proceed the sand pit to put on their gears.

The boys getting geared up at the sand pit.

The safety harness that is attached to the wire above their route helps keep the kids safe and feeling secured.

The safety harness is attached to the wire on the tree.

The sight of the kids course get me wondering if my 7 year old, who confessed to being scared walking on an over head bridge will be up to it. It looks pretty high and the different crossings in between trees looks quite difficult.

The kids course with the various crossings.

My fear proved unfounded as all the boys were eager to try out. The first crossing took a while as they overcome their initial insecurity. But as they tried out and succeed they seems to be more and more addicted to making the rounds. There are 16 different kinds of crossing in this course that keep it interesting as the boys enjoy their adventure.

Each of the crossing have a unique name and feature.

The tunnel

Walking on a log.

The children are suppose to wait till the person in front of them get to the other side before they attempt the crossing. Surprisingly, the usually restless kids all waited patiently at the platform in between crossing for their turn. There is minimal guidance for the methods of making it through the crossings, thought the staff will appear when they see someone is having difficulty. The kids usually figure out how to cross to the other trees by themselves.

The kids waiting for their turn at the platform before the next crossing.

Crossing that consists of a vertical net.

Crossing with widely spaced wooden planks on a line.

The flying fox.

The kids have one hour and were able to make quite a few rounds on the crossings and then they discovered the best part…the flying fox from the tree to the sand pit below. This is the only booth that is permanently maned by a staff. It is also the hottest item with kids lining up to get their chance for the exciting descent.


The hour passed really fast and when they are all out of their gears and having ice-cream, we get them questioning if they can go do it again.

For : Kids aged 5 to 10 (measuring between 1.1m and 1.45m).
Where: in Bedok Reservoir Park on Bedok Reservoir Road (Takes about 10 mins walk from car park A )
$$$: $30 for 1hour
Tip: Check the weather on NEA site and book a slot on line first if possible.



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