Giggles Indoor Playground at Marine Parade Central

[Updated 2017 : Playground Closed]The nice people at Giggles invite us to look at their new indoor playground that is conveniently located at Marine Parade Central. The place is on the second floor of where Maybank is located with a bus stop right in front and the over head bridge leading right in. What first strike us is that this indoor playground looks very different to most of the other playground we have been to.

The sight of the playground, the huge orange Arc and the bright and cute interior make the kids all excited.


First things first though. We need to register ourselves and it’s a breeze with their cool iPad registration process.

Entrance and Registration.

The entrance is nice and spacious with space even for a few strollers. The kids quickly get their socks and their picture and temperature taken. The staff can easily keep track of the kids playtime and even if they need to go out for a while before bringing them back in. Niffty.

Giggles app to track the kids

The playground

This playground looks quite different from most of the soft playground we have been to.  Our group of 2 to 8 years olds quickly get to work checking out what’s fun. There are plenty to explore.

The Main Play Structure

The main structure, the Activity Tower sure offers lots of activities although it is not that big size wise. We were pretty comfortable letting the 6-8 year olds roam around as they are very seasoned with outdoor playgrounds that are not padded all over. Younger children may need more supervision. The owner share that they are adding netting to make it easier for the younger ones to roam on their own and to add to the depth of the big ball pool in the middle.

Activity Tower

The kids love the big ball pool right in the middle of the various section of the tower.

Balancing beam

The balancing beam on the structure is great for gross motor skills. The 6 year old in our group decide to take things to a new level with the toy motor bike provided.

Rock climbing wall and bridge

The kids enjoy the nice climb up the rock climbing wall and the shaky feel of the balancing bridge. These mini obstacles course like features challenges the kids and give them a sense of adventure. There are plenty of bouncing balls in the playground and the kids are using them to create more obstacles for them selves.

Round bridge and wave floor

Younger kids can try walking along the round bridge that have handles above to help them along. The wave floor let kids experience walking along uneven terrain.


Slides are a must have for any playground. There are two here. One for the little ones and a longer, wavy one from the tower. The slides are like the ones found in other outdoor playgrounds. It is a great way to come down the tower and encourage kids to climb up before sliding down.

The Arc- Sona and Snug Play

The playground haw some interesting play structures not seen elsewhere in Singapore.

The unique arch is really a unique interactive machine call Sona. Press the button and there will be games and songs for dance for the kids. There is a motion sensitive camera that capture the children’s movement and the sound direct the kids on playing. We thought the volume is kind of low, probably to not distract the kids at the other play areas.

The children have a blast dancing and playing number games as the playground staff proactively guide them on playing interactive games.

Kids having a blast dancing.

There is also a set of equipment call the Snug Play specially designed to promote play from early childhood to kids up to 12 years old.  There are these interesting tunnels with social holes and texture to climb on and tunnel-though.

Purple tunnel

It’s interesting to see how kids naturally explore and climb while getting a sensory rich experience as they go.

Bouncing pad to bounce on.

The petal looking objects does not look like much fun at first until we observe how the kids lift and move it, balance on it, just and hop over and even spin on it.

Petals like structure

The two-year-old bring a pack of balls to fill up his petal.

Balancing together on the petals.

More play stuff

The people at Giggles have a nice selection of toys to add to the kids fun at the playground.

The tent, toy motor bikes , a barrel to transport the balls

The add-ons and the plentiful plastic balls give the kids lots of pretend play and communication opportunities.

Kitchen and Train sets

The kitchen and train sets are simple but give the kids plenty to do when they need time off from the physical activities.

Toy Musical instrument and Soft tunnel

The boys have fun wearing the army helmet and playing with the musical instruments. Another favorite is the soft tunnels scattered around for the kids to wiggle trough.

Bouncing rooms and mushroom stools

The bouncing balls is another highlight. The kids carry them about, bounce on them and hold them by the “antenna” to drag about. There are little mushrooms around to climb and rest on.

Balls, kitchen and more electronic toys

There are also tables and coloring sheets and materials for the kids when they need a quiet moment.

Coloring time!

The Party Room and Packages

There is a big party room separate from the playground. We were there when they are preparing for a ninja-go theme party and wow.. we love that custom balloon gift!

Custom theme party

Love the little wicker chairs they use here.

The owners share that the party room can take as much as 70 people and packages start at $550 for up to 10 kids.


Giggles is a case where the total is greater than the sum of its parts.  At first glance, I did not think that the kids will stay long at the playground as it is not as big and grand nor has as many fancy toys as some of the competitors. I was expecting them to have enough play in an hour or two, which had happened in some bigger playgrounds.  However, the kids proved me wrong.

We were there at 10.30 am and they were having so much fun alternating between the playground structures, the toys and dancing and coloring we had to coax them off at almost 2.00pm for a very late lunch. And they keep asking if we are going back after lunch.

In addition, the convenience of the location and their ability to track the kids is a plus. Parents can drop off their kids with helper while they run errands around the town center.

There are lockers and changing table and snacks and drinks available. There is no build in toilet but staff will gladly hand you the key to the private toilet down the corridor if you ask.

Where: 87 Marine Parade Central, #02-500B/C Singapore 440087
Hours: 10:00 am – 7:00pm Daily Close on Sundays after 3.00pm
More information on Giggles

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