Our Halloween Trick Or Treat @ Woodlands Woodgrove

Having heard about this annual Trick Or Treat we decided to pay the event a visit at Halloween last year. It was a great and an experience to remember. We got off at Marsling Mrt and not knowing which way to go, follow a few teenagers.

Yep, you can’t miss it …every one is dressed for Halloween. We asked people for directions along the way and it seems most people know just what we are talking about as it’s an event that had been around or the past 10 years or so.

Kids and parenting

It took us a good 20 mins but we were excited at the sight of the big banner that announce we ere at the right place.  Then we saw the first Trick or Treat table. Yes, they were waiting for us.

Before I get on with the rest of the exciting stuff, be warn. It’s crowded.

It ‘s CROWDED. Very crowded

There are lots of people and there is no shelter and it can get very dark once the sun set. Be prepared. Brief your party about what to do in case some one get loss and watch the kids. We found it help to give all the kids a light stick or two so they can wave at you in case they are lost.

And this is the not so crowded part of the street.

People  getting  their treats.

Beautiful decoration and people in awesome costumes

My little ghost checking  out the spider webs

Love this and made spider

Great looking Bat

Spiders and Ghost and treats


Where: Woodgrove Neighbourhood, Near Woodlands St 41
When: 31st Oct Yearly for the past 10 years 6pm – 8pm (Or till candies run out)


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