Hort Park with Kids

This have to be our favorite park besides Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden The place is much bigger and since it showcases products from different horticultural companies, things are always changing so there are plenty of things to see. We love the huge variety of plants, the ample space to explore and play.

Hort Park Entrance at 33 Hyderabad Road

Fishes in the pond in front of the park.

The huge water feature near the entrance make the kids extremely excited. A vending machine with fish food in a capsule is conveniently placed right beside so the kids get to feed the fishes.

Fishes in the pond in front of the park.

Eye Candy and Places to Run about

The visitor center  has a beautiful mosaic and glass mural which we feast our eyes on.

Trees Mural at the Visitor Center

Flowers details on the  Mural

Hort Park Event Lawn overlooking the Silver Garden


There are three playgrounds for different age groups while we were there. Each looks like fun.

Hort Park Playground for the Big Kids called the Igloo

Hort Park Playground with a Helix ladder for 5-12 Year Olds

Hortpark Playground by Kompan Story Makers in Ocean and Jungle theme

Hort Park Playground – Retro Slide

Plots of Garden

The show cases offers a huge variety of layout and garden-scape. We love the tin man and the scare-crow, and  enjoyed the zen and holistic garden as well as the butterflies fluttering around.

The tin man and scare-crow

Where: 33 Hyderabad Road, Off Alexandra Road.
$$$: Entrance is Free

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6 comments on Hort Park with Kids

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    My friends and I wakeld the Southern Ridges, starting from Mount Faber! Oh man, because we only had an A4 map we got lost at the Kent Ridge area! We did walk pass the Science Park, but after coming out of it, we took the curvy South Buona Vista road instead of the other. It felt like the Singaporean Initial D route. HAHAHA. And now looking at this map that you gave again, that South Buona Vista road took us A HUGEEEE ROUND! Really huge round. But we just kept walking and walking and walking (we didn’t even pass Clementi Woods, instead, we passed by the old Haw Par Villa) but we eventually arrived at West Coast Park, erm, around 5 hours later. But it was a great experience! Everyone who’s in for an adventure should try this. And get lost like us! 😀

  2. Kathryn Chai
    / Reply

    Thank you very much for this sharing. The people at the park are wonderful – the last time we took out the children at Canossaville and they had a fabulous time!

  3. Florence Chuah
    / Reply

    Hi, My name is Florence. The trs and I are interested to bring a group of about 55 children ages from 2 to 6 to the Hort Park on 9th March from 10.30am to 3pm in conjunction of our curriculum theme “plants”.
    We would like to find out some details :
    1) Are there any admission charges for the kids and teachers.
    2) What is the cost per packet for the purchased of fish food at the vending machine.
    3) Besides the playground, I heard that there is an area for “longkang fishing”. Can I have more details of it.
    4) Are there some rules or regulation that I need to take note of ?
    5) Must I register at the information counter to inform our visit?
    6) Can we have chose any area in the park to have our lunch or we need to eat at a designated area?
    Thank you and hope to receive a reply at your soonest possible time.


    • / Reply

      Hi Florence,

      As far as we know entrance to the park is free. However, we are not the people in charge of Hort Park. We merely share our experience there so it is best to check with the people there.

      Here is a link to Nparks’s Hort Park Page –

  4. shila thapa
    / Reply

    planning to bring groups of toddlers and kids..at the hort park playground. i like to know the if entrance is free or have to make payment and do i have to inform before our arrival ..please let me know..thanks..

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