Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas

We visited Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas at the beginning of its run. And since we always love exhibitions at  the Singapore Art Museum, we thought we will still cover this even though the exhibition only have slightly more than another month to go.


Many of the past exhibitions at Singapore Art Museum had simply blown our minds so much so that we came to this one with high expectations.  Sad to say the exhibits did not instilled as much excitement for us as pass Children’s Season Exhibitions here, well except for a few items such as We Built this Estate!, Dream House. The rest are nice too and we also enjoyed Kiko’s Secrets, Let’s Make! Studio, Band Of Doodlers and appreciate the ideas behind Greenroom II: Interstellar Overdrive and Trees.

We Built this Estate!

This is the first exhibit and our my boy’s favourite. He basically return there after scheming all the exhibits and stayed there for a whole hour.

We Built this Estate!

We Built this Estate! by Chiang Yu Xiang

Brightly coloured with giant Tetris pieces we entered a room with familiar hdb housing estate as a backdrop. Kids and move the Tetris block about and build their own structures with them.

The corridors of the estates are decorated with colourful “windows” with cute people. There are also cloth dolls that you can Velcro on the walls.

Dream House

We love this. The setting is so pretty, like the scene from a dream.


The kids love the glittering candies they fetch from the house decorate the plants surrounding the house.


However, it seems that creators the pretty house and table did not anticipate the  rough handling / material safety for kids.

Apparently some of varnish used for the table was not dried and the people were very worried that the kids want to play at the table , which they naturally wants to.

It was suggested the chemicals used in the varnish may not be safe for kids which is news to me. I can’t be sure since they did not know the exact ingredients that goes into the materials use. But hey…this is an exhibition for kids…so I would think that I should be able to expect all materials used to be kids safe and able to take the abuse of kids playing with it right?

I quickly get my boy to go visit another exhibit. Which is a pity as the set up is so interesting and pretty.

Kiko’s Secrets

There are acrylic pieces that can be fitted into a wall and may little houses with interesting art pieces inside.



I especially like the house with art work made from little kids toys. There are moving parts and music in the house and kaleidoscopes are provided so that kids can see additional perspectives of the work.


Band Of Doodlers

The doodles decorated the walls along the stairs and a room is filled with doodles the kids can colour on and doodle some more.



Let’s Make! Studio


The walls are filled with instructions to make pom pom, weave a cloth or make a pattern using embroidery. Not really our thing but there is a reading corner for those who did not really feel like making.


People hang up their handy work on the walls. I think we may just check the place out again towards the end of the exhibition to see how much the walls have change.


Greenroom II: Interstellar Overdrive

Trees and …

The concept sounds good.. You can ride on the bike and it create lights as wording, patterns etc on the wall or sound coming out from the speakers. It takes a lot of cycling to work though and We wish there are other ways to create the interactions other than cycling.



More about Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas

The Singapore Art Museum also have worksheets for preschoolers, primary school students and secondary school students to enjoy the work of arts better:

Download our education activity sheet for Preschools

Download our education activity sheet for Primary Schools
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Download our education activity sheet for Secondary Schools
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