Imagine Dragons Exhibition

We love and have lots of fun at the “Imagine Dragons Exhibition” at Philatelic Museum. Here’s some pictures of the fun we had exploring the exhibits and some interesting stuff on the dragons we learned.

Dragons goes by different names in different parts of the world.

Dragon goes by manny names  beside the western dragon there is  Hydra from greek mythologies, Long that live in the waters of East Asia or Naga in South East Asia.

An interesting looking well and a castle for the kid to explore.

The windows reveals and interesting science of the castle.

The kids have fun running in from the main entrance and escaping from the little trap door.

The interior shows some interesting exhibits, books and a nice reading corner.

Dinorsaurs are probably where the myths about dragons come from.

The Excavation well is really popular with the kids too.

The panels lets kids explore and learn about the Chinese dragons.

The dragon boat.

The boys have lots of fun rowing and playing drummer for the boat.

Where: Singapore Philatelic Museum, 23-B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807
When: 23 Jan 2012 – 19 Jan 2013

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