IMM Garden Plaza, Playgrounds and more Playgrounds

IMM Garden Plaza had left us fond memories for many play-dates. That’s before the installation of the tree house with two exciting slides. After our latest visit it have make its way to our top three favorite malls with playgrounds. Here’s some pictures to share from our latest visit.

The Tree House

The new playground with the tree theme comes with two slides with spying holes on both the trees and the slides. The kids zoom in and out of it like little rabbits. The giant fruits and vegetables at the “grass patch” beside the tree were great for kids to climb, hop on and off and they did just that. Watching them reminds me of the story Thumbelina.

The tree house stands tall and inviting.

Giant Fruits and Vegetables.

The Water Playground

The kids quickly got change into their swim suit at the changing rooms so that they can get more time at the water play area. Lots of water sprays, fountains and water canons kept the boys occupied for more than an hour in this water playground. The water fights can get a little rough here so be sure to keep an eye on the little ones.

The water sprays look like giant flowers.

Water canons in the shape of animals.

The Sheltered Play Area

The wide range of play in this playground combo ensure that it is the most crowded playground on the roof garden. Kids have fun with the merry-go-rounds (both standing and sitting ones), balancing bar, and the many slides and ladders here.

Sheltered Playground.

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