Jurong Bird Park with Kids, nature, learning and waterfun!

Jurong Bird Park with the kids is a great place to enjoy a day outdoors, close to nature. We went there on a play date on a weekday and the boys have loads of fun checking out exotic birds,  feeding the lories and have loads of fun at the water playground.


The Penguin Coast, Dinosaur Descendants, Lory Loft and Birdz of Play.

In fact, there are so much to see and do that we are going to have two posts just to covered the ones we enjoyed particularly. In this part …the Penguin Coast, Dinosaur Descendants, Lory Loft and Birdz of Play.

Birdz of Play

The water playground at Birdz of Play is the the kids favorite part of the trip.  We kept it as the last item because they will not be done with this part like ….forever. So do bring your swim stuff or a change of cloths if you are headed here.

The water playground is very pretty with birds figurines, slides, stairs, wobbly bridges and the bucket that give that big splash of water whenever it is filled.

Water playground at Birdz of Play

There is a cute water play area for younger kids that is partially sheltered nearer to where the adults can hang out and watch the kids.  It certainly feels safer than the main playground for the little ones.

Toddler water play area

There is a feature in the water playground where the kids can pull on a rope and water pour down from a pipe.  The boys have endless fun just pulling on it.  We mummies like how inviting the place is and there are showers aplenty both in and outside the washroom. There are also lockers available for those who need it.

Water fun at Birdz of Play

There is a partially sheltered dry playground with lots of swings and a track were kids can pull and swing from one end to another which is great for kids who don’t want to get wet.

Kids and parenting

Penguin Coast

Most of the  penguins are housed in a ship like structure while some enjoy a swim at the pool near by. We are fascinated by how these cute creatures move and swim.


The boys enjoy this life size feature on the height of the penguins and measure themselves against the king penguin to see who is taller. Cute baby penguins flapping its wings, ship metaphor, informative signs to help us learn. Statues to pose with. What’s not to love?

Learn about the penguins on a big ship.

Dinosaur Descendants

The kids love playing palaeontologist at this site. We have to coax and nag to get them to proceed to the other exhibits.  We love the interesting facts and interactive panels.

Interactive activities the kids love and snippets of  interesting facts

The stars are the birds of course. Here, we can get close to the big exotic birds and  marvel at how long the eyelashes of the ostriches are. At the same time, there are interesting diagram to learn about birds that were extinct. We like how the sign-ages show us where the birds originated, its habitat and what it eats at one glance.

Get close to exotic Birds like the ostrich, cassowary and emu.

Lory Loft

You can get a cup of lories feed at $3 here. This is the boys’ favorite until one of the lories get into the habit of standing on one of the boy’s hands which could hurt when you are not accustom to it. Besides feeding the birds, the boys enjoy running on the hanging bridges while mummies enjoy the nature.

Feed the lories and enjoy nature in this giant aviary.

It rained half while we were at the lories. Luckily, there is a cafe and souvenir shop over here, as well as a sheltered area where you can still feed the birds.

Coming up in part 2… Kings of the Skies show, Bird Discovery Centre and more!

Where: Jurong Bird Park
$$$: Admission Ticket Cost $20.00 Adult $13 Child

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