KaiXine a magazine for kids 4 to 12 years old

We got a copy of the first issue of “Kaixine” (Meaning  开心 “happiness” in Chinese) from the KaiXine team recently and were quite eager to check out the contents since it is the first time we came across a Singapore Creative Magazine that is meant for kids 4-12 years old.

Kaixine, a creative magazine for kids

First Impression

Kaixine feels like a design magazine. Beautiful illustration form the cover page and we would not have guess that it’s a kids magazine if we see it on the news stand.  The contents are quite kids friendly. The font size, choice of words and short snippets of text make it quite easy for a 7 year to read.  We like the mix of photographs and illustrations and how it introduces Singapore places of interest and relate it to interesting bits of  information as well as how they present the DIY crafts for kids in an easy to follow, step by step manner.

Learning and Craft for kids

We like the “Happy Explorers”, “Crafty Crew” and “Happy Little Chef” section of the magazine.

We learn about a new country in Asia, Bhutan in this issue.

Learn about other countries and culture.

Unique plants and structures at Garden by the Bay.

Quiz time.

Step by step tutorial of how to make a paper mache owl.

Make an owl and learn some nifty information about them.

We love how all the crafts in the magazine looks easy for the kid to follow.

Step by step pictorial instruction of how to make a pirate hat.

It’s supporting website even have a tangram which we can print out.

Ideas of things to make using shapes tangram

We never know making a Lava lamp can be so easy. We learned some interesting science titbits at the same time too.


Easy recipe for a healthy snack and some interesting information on Chocolates.

Chocolate coated Strawberries.

Chocolate coated Strawberries.

Stories are quite interesting and the kids we shown it too were quite happy reading them.



We thought that KaiXie got quite number of things right. The content are kids friendly and the crafts and activities seems really easy to attempt. We will probably try out some of the activities to keep the kids busy and in the coming weeks.

For more information, check out  Kaixine‘s website.


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