Kids day out at Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is one educational and fun place that I won’t mind returning to every year or so. It’s big, the kids gets lots of place to explore, we are surrounded by nature and there’s always lots of interesting things to see and we never manage to see everything in a single trip.

This year we are back on a playdate with four boys. All the boys want to go to the water playground and we mums readily agree. The playground is almost at the end of the park and we will pass by most exhibits on the way.


Here are some of our favourite parts of  what we got  to see and do on our way to Rain Forest Kidz World where the playground is located.

Otters and Hippos

Watching the   Otters being fed and interacting among themselves can be very entertaining.  The kids are amuse. While we are at it, we learned some interesting facts of the animal from the many info graphics.



An area with  glass panel enable us to see how otters swim under water while many info graphics help us learn facts about the animal.

Interesting facts

Interesting facts about otters

The boys are excited when they arrive at the hippo enclosure. Where they are able to see Pygmy Hippo resting or swimming among fishes


Hippos are fascinating creatures


Pygmy Hippo

Awesome White Tigers

We love watching the white tigers. The boys are simply mesmerized. There are many things to learn about tigers.



Kangaroos Feeding  and the Outback

The main attraction to the outback is the Kangaroos! All the kids and adults are super excited as they bounce in to their feeding session.



We happen to get there near the feeding time, at 11.00 am. For a $5 donation, we get a bowl of feed for feeding a Kangaroo. Not all the kids ant to do it but it is a chance to get up close.

Feeding Kangaroo

Feeding Kangaroo

There are plenty of other things to see and explore at the outback besides the Eastern Grey Kangaroo. Gliders, blue tongue skink, pythons and many more. Kids can also pretend to be explorers driving an exploration truck or experience being an animal in a crate.


Check out the Elephants

Next, we drop by the Elephants of Asia show which takes place 11.30am & 3.30pm (Daily, weather permitting. ) There are plenty of informative and interesting display at the area and the boys hang out after the show .


All about Elephants.

The boys are fascinated as the elephants do their tricks. They are also intrigue by many snippets of information and display in the area.  We pick up some fascinating facts like elephant poo  can be use to make recycled paper and how they spent 18 hours a day eating.


The elephant footprint

The boy’s favorite is really a two level hut here they can climb up.  There are lot’s more elephant facts to explore and see skeleton of elephant skull, their molar and poo as well as play some interactive games.


Hut with more elephant stuff!

Coming up soon! The playgrounds at Rainforest Kidzworld at the Zoo.

Where: Singapore Zoo 80 Mandai Lake Rd Singapore 729826

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