Kidz Amaze at Safra Jurong

We have heard of this indoor playground just 10 minutes walk from Boon lay MRT for a long time but had not been brave enough to attempt the going on weekends. The opportunity finally came when we got a play date on a week day evening. The experience is amazing for the kids and us adults too.

The inviting entrance and sitting area.

We were free to place of stuff on the empty shelf or rent a locker for a dollar. The seats outside the playground area looks comfortable enough but we decide to follow our kids into the tall structure.

Tall maze with cute insects lights and guns.

Once inside, we were intrigue by the tall maze that is built upwards. The surface area is not that big but it is very very tall.  The little insects on the nets were really targets that can be shoot at for a game.There are canons and machines for handling colorful “bullets”. Our 6 year olds immediately get the cue from the bright yellow bags that they can collect the balls but rather than use them as ammunition, they were happy to treat them as little balls to play with. That suit us just fine.


Kids ran in and out of the tall tall structure excitedly.

Lot’s of climbing opportunities here.

Stairs, bridges, passage way for training our future commandos?

Loads of fun climbing and exploring the maze.

The maze is kind of tall and huge with lots of hidden areas. Plenty of places to hide.

There are many hidden entrances and exits if you look hard enough.

The adventurous older kids find out soon enough that they can run out of the maze and re-enter at a another part.

This place is filled with tall spiral slides.

The tall spiral slides are really tall and could be scary as it you speed up as you slide down. We mum test drive it and got loads of excitement and bruises on the elbow/hands (part of my reflex to try to slow myself down). Thankfully the spiral slides are at the taller part of the structure and our boys were happy just playing with the other set of slides.

Colourful slides for the boys to go down and climb back up.

Bridges, hanging swings and colourful ball pool.

We had so much fun at Kid Amaze, it’s a pity we need to go after two hours. We did manage to check out the cafe right beside it which also have a little playground as well as yummy cakes, ice-cream, pies and chicken wings among other things in the menu.

Cute little playground at the cafe

The playground at the cafe, probably would do for younger kids of 3 years and below as the vertical climb in the paid playground can be quite challenging. Alternatively, we also spot this cute play area on the secound level of Safra Jurong where the younger ones can probably hang out while the older kids play.

Cute play area on level 2.

Where: 333 Boon Lay Way SAFRA Jurong
Cost: $11.20 for non member for weekdays and $16.50 for weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

For more information, check out the  Kidz Amaze Facebook Page


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  1. rae
    / Reply

    We went to the Toa Payoh one last holiday. It’s $16.50 🙁

  2. LEMON
    / Reply

    17 june is on a monday. but at the same time it is also a school holiday.. So do I pay $11.20 or $16.50 ?

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