KidZania Singapore Guide: A Big Kid’s Day Out

This is one theme park with a different concept. Instead of the usual rides you find in most theme parks, The KidZania is like a kids size city with it’s own bank, hospital, police station and commercial establishments. For Kidzania Singapore, kids get to try out over 80 role-playing activities from 37 industry partners, including KFC, Maybank, Discovery Channel, Kiss 92 FM and many more.


Kids naturally explore and make decisions about what they want to try and how they are to go about it in the environment. There are plenty of edutainment and navigating a safe version of the adult world while learning or fine tuning their skills in a myriad of areas.


The Big Kid’s Experience

Boarding Pass and Security Bracelet

We love the boarding pass concept that give us entrance to the city. Upon entry Mom and the 10 year old Big Kid got a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) security bracelet each. This ensures that my child can only leave KidZania when accompanied by me.
If we lost each other, the parent can go to the Immigration leave a message so that when the child go to an establishment he can be inform to meet mom or dad at a specific place.

KidZos – The Currency in KidZania

Children above 4 get 20 kidZos in cash and 30 in their ATM card.


Your child will need to activate the card to withdraw the money from the ATM machines but the 20 kidZos mean kids do not have to go to the bank immediately if the queue is too long.

Some establishment need you to pay by the card so it is good you activate it sometime during the day.


It is an interesting experience for the kids at the bank. It’s like a real bank where you need to queue up to get your service at the counter or use the ATM machine to check your account and withdraw money.

Parents are not allow in the bank but there are many staff to help the kids with their banking needs.


You can bank in kidZos from KidZania from other cities to use here too, so do bring them along if you had some.

Census Board

This board located outside every establishment will help you/your kid decide on whether to participate in an activity.


First of all there is a suggested Age and important information such as whether it is going to earn or cost you kidZos under the Economy section. Look out for the plus or minus sign in front.

There is also information about Capacity and Duration. So, if you see 5 kids before you queuing for this, then expect to wait 20-40 mins for your turn.

On the left hand side, there are additional information like the skills required for the activity. In this case, you need Reading Skills. The university hat icon means that you get 2 additional kidZos if you have a degree in a related subject. – We will come to that later when we talk about getting degree in KidZania.

Discovery Film Studio

Big Kid really want to start at the Mountaineering School but he was not wearing covered shoes. No worries. He found plenty of other activities he can do.

For a start it’s being a host and video editor at the Discovery film studio.


Reading skills is needed for this activity as kids as they need to read out from the script as a documentary studio host.

After that, the child will get to edit his footage with the video editing software that key in a wild life footage as a back drop. Cool Stuff!


At the end of the activity Big Kid got a cool lanyard with a card that gives him the instruction to download the video he host and edit. This also came in handy for him to keep his cards throughout the day.


The activity earns him 8 kidZos and also make him realize that he can earn more with an passport and a Degree.


The big kid decided after his experience at the film studio that he will need to return here often. So we decide to get a passport at B • KidZanian at the 2nd level. Do note that the passport office opens at 11 am. The staff are very helpful with guiding the big kid in getting his citizenship at KidZania.


You can get a passport for your child at $18. Your child get a stamp for each activity, get a discount of 2 kidZos or earn 2 additional kidZos at the establishment they choose. When they get 30 stamps in their passport they get a new one and will get 4 kidZos extra for each activity.


The Learning Lab University

You get 2 additional kidZos at selected establishments when you get a relevant degree. The Big Kid goes to The Learning Lab University and took a degree in Business & Finance. They actually learn about things like budget, profit and loss complete with a case study and how to plan a party.


With a Business & Finance degree on hand he tried out a couple of related jobs and then realize that the degree does not earn him more kidZos at the establishments he want to try. So back to the University where he took the other 2 degrees back to back.


Mummy actually like the communication degree where kids learn about structure of a story and the story curve. Hope that comes in handy when he work on his essay writing in future.

At the end of it all, he got all the degrees so that he can maximize his earnings.


Teenage Mutant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet and Greet

The Big Kid was super excited with the Teenage Mutant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which is part of the school holiday events line up at the Theater.


AIA Insurance Office

I wasn’t expecting him to choose this activity as the starting pay for this is only 4 kidZos. But the big kid decide to put his Business & Finance degree into good use and work as a Financial Services Consultant.


First, Financial Consultants will have to go through training before they are sent out to the streets to get their customers. The staff patiently coach him on what to say when approaching customers before handing him the form and timer. His challenge – get 3 customers within 8 minutes.

He got his first customer right outside! And then off he went to the Mountaineering School where other children who want to take the High Ropes Challenge Course need to buy insurance at 3 kidZos.

After all the hard work he got 14 kidZos and a bronze agent card.

Motivated. he decide to try it again and got a silver card. You do not get extra stamps on the Passport if you repeat an activity for the day though. Just like in the real world, you get to earn more when you get a silver and then gold card. So if he return to AIA again with his silver card he could earn a basic 5 + max 7 (for commission) + 2 (Passport) + 2 (University Degree) = 16 kidZos

7 Eleven Convenience Store

Unfortunately there are too many kids and he did not get to be a cashier like what he wanted initially, but being a customer and buying things from a shopping list is fun too.


KFC Chicken Restaurant

It’s about 3pm and while KFC had a 60 min waiting time during lunch, it is clear now. It is fun dressing up as a hygienic Chef , assembling a yummy chicken burger, wrapping it up and eating it.


This cost 10 kidZos though, so back to work!

Newspaper Edition-The KidZania Post

The Big Kid wants to try out being a journalist but the next activity is the Delivery Crew and he did not want to wait. No matter, its equally fun for the children to be a delivering news.


Kids work in teams to deliver the news to other establishments within a time frame. Each team has a set of establishment to deliver the newspaper to. After the briefing kids ran off to deliver.


Mummy really like how the KidZania post have a machine that seems to be printing out papers and how the there are proper briefing for the children. He has to team up with someone he just know to get the task done, just like how you need to work with people you don’t know when you start working. Hope he got to try at being a journalist next time.

Radio Station- Kiss 92

Children can try out being a Radio Presenter or Technical Assistant here. 6 children can present at a time at the recording studio.


They will be introduce to the high-tech equipment used in a live radio broadcast programme, signaling to the technician just like in a recording studio. During the session, the kids take turns being the presenter using the script provided.


After the session they get a card with instruction to download a sound clip of the recordings.


There are a number of food establishments here. While kids can use their kidZos to work in F&B establishments and get food after they are done, the waiting time could be long especially during meal times. e.g. waiting time for Pizza Chef activity has a 60 minute waiting time at 1pm.

Places where Kids can Use kidZos for Food

And I mean proper food that can stand in for a meal. Children can make their own here when they pay with kidZos.

  • Pizza Hut (Level 2)
    Activity: Pizza Chef (-10 kidZos) Food: A slice of pizza
  • KFC Chicken Restaurant
    Activity: Chef (-10 kidZos) Food: A chicken burger
  • Soup Kitchen
    Assistant Soup Chef (-10 kidZos) Food: A bowl of soup


Bak Kwa (Traditional BBQ Meat Store Level 1) and Ice Cream (Paddle Poop Level 2) may not be be a meal but they sure make good snacks!


Food Stores

You can buy the food with real money too. And there a a few more options here. In addition to Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and Soup Spoon there are Killiney Kopitiam and Warung M Nasir.

At Killiney Kopitiam, a bottle of mineral water goes for $2.80 while fish balls, sausages on a stick cost $2.50. Set meals goes for $8.80 and above.


You can get a slice of pizza at Pizza hut for $5.50, a 16-inch cost $29.

For KFC, a fillet burger meal goes for $6.50

At Soup Spoon small soup with a bun cost $6.50 while a set meal goes for $11.50

Department Store

The KidZania Department Store accepts only cash so do withdraw your cash before shopping. It can only take 12 kids at one time so do not wait till near closing time to shop. The place will be pack.

Things are not cheap here. Children who have their sights on the items they desire will have to work to earn more kidzos and spent less.


My boy got his sights set on a 880 kidZos binoculars. Guess it will take him several visits to earn enough. It’s a good introduction to the workings of the real world though where we need to manage our money, work hard and spent less if we want to get some thing we want.

While the shop sign says kids 4 and older are allow, parents should use their discretion. When we were there, a 4 year old who apparently did not have enough kidZos was throwing a loud tantrum and trying to take an item of his desire out of the shop. Since parents were not allowed inside with the kids, younger children could be more difficult to control.

More Activities and Jobs:

The big kid is already planning for his next visit and here are the activities we thought will be great for our next visit!

Mountaineering School!

It is going to cost kidZos for this activity plus you will need to buy insurance. But the activity looks fun!



A game of football is worth spending kidZos on. Do remember to take note of the schedule.




A crime scene investigator sounds like some thing interesting.


Driving School

Get a driving license!


Yakult Science Laboratory

Being a Junior Scientist!



Paramedic, Surgeon, Radiologist all seems like good career to try out!


Peranakan Museum

Being a Museum Curator earns you 10 kidZos for a start.


For Parents :


  • There is a parent lounge on level 2 with free Wi-fi and computers for parents with kids above 8 years old. No kids allowed here.
  • Network is extremely patchy for the rest of KidZania. Do not rely on your phone for communication.
  • There is a first aid room beside the restroom near Soup Spoon. That’s where you can get a band aid if needed.
  • Your kids probably won’t be answering the phone as they are busy doing the activities.

Education and Value

As a parent of a big kid, I am impress with how the set up make it possible for kids to naturally explore what they want to do, get exposure to many jobs and learn in a safe and positive environment. While it is role play and the learning for each activity is broad, the set up get the child to think about what they want to do and how to complete their tasks.

As with most activities in Singapore, the ticket for the theme park is not cheap. However, with most 2-3 hours enrichment classes for a single activity easily costing more than the ticket price for this theme park, it is an entrance fee I will gladly pay to check him in and let him spent the day when there is no school.

A 10 year old child can easily spent a whole day here, learning, exercising, having fun in engaging activities rather than home playing with digital devices.

Some of the skills the big kid get to learn/polish in this visit include:

  • Financial planning
  • Money management
  • The value of getting a degree
  • What hosting and editing a video/ radio program is like
  • Talking in front of a camera and a mic
  • Reading
  • What to say when trying to sell something
  • Finding the right customers
  • Food Hygiene
  • Team work and taking turns
  • Saving up for your goals

Tips and things to note

Here’s some essential to help you plan your trip:

  • It’s best to book your tickets in advance online as the place may be fully book for the day. Bring a copy of your printed tickets.
  • Kids below 8yrs old must be accompanied by an adult. An adult (aged 18 and above) must be present for the admission of any child regardless of age into KidZania Singapore.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and covered shoes. Some role-play activities such as Stadium require athletic shoes and specific attire.
  • Prepare to spent the whole day here. Each activity takes at least 20 mins even without waiting time so chances are you will need to return if you intend to cover all the activities even if you spent an entire day here.
  • Re-entry is NOT allowed.
  • Go before opening time to maximize your time there.
  • Check the census board for number of kids and time. and skip the long queues. Big kid managed 7 activities from 11 to 6.30 with one activity repeated twice (AIA) and one repeated trice (The Learning Lab) and that exclude the meet and greet, bank and departmental store shopping.
  • Check for height requirements. Some activities require you to be 130cm and above.

Queues and Waiting :

  • Queues at the Bank is super long in the beginning of the day. Go earn some kidzos first if the queue is long.
  • Get your kid to get their pay by card when they can so they do not need to carry lots of cash with them.
  • There are fixed schedule for some activities e.g. Aviation Academy, Stadium, Acting School, The Learning Lab. Do plan your time.
  • Food activities have a long waiting time near meal times. Get your food earlier or later.
  • Popular activities may have shorter queues during meal times.

Earning Kidzos

  • Get a university degree earn you 2 more kidZos of a relevant job. Take the degree that give you kidZos for the job you want to do.
  • Passport allow you to earn more kidZos when you get 30 and more stamps and you do not get stamps when repeating the same activity. So do not go back to the same job just because it pays well…

Closing Time

  • Most activities start taking in the last session half an hour before closing time or earlier.
  • KidZania Department Store and the Bank are very crowded near closing time. Try to go at other timings.
  • The monorail tends to be very crowded during closing time. Head for the Bus Bay as an alternative. There is a bus that goes to Habour Front MRT

More information on KidZania Singapore

Address: 31 Beach View, Palawan Kidz City, Singapore 098008

Admission Fees:

  • Kid (4 – 17 Years Old): $58
  • Adult (18 – 59 Years Old): $35
  • Infant ( Below 2 Years ): Free
  • Toddler (2 – 3 Years Old): $25
  • Senior (60 Year Old and above): $25

Coming soon… tips and activities for parents with younger kids

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