Labrador Park – Open Space, the Sea and a little of history.

Labrador Park or Nature reserve has been around since I was a little girl. I vaguely remembered it being one of those places that resemble the rain forest with hidden steps around as we have always entered via the Labrador Villa Entrance near car park A. So when I accompany my boy on a school trip and we ended up in a nice spot near car park B not too long ago, the place looks quite different. Instead of forest, it’s vast glass patches overlooking the sea with several pavilions and pavements with mosaic motives.

Beautiful View of the Sea greet us at Labrador Park

The kids have fun looking at the sea and ships in the horizon and were especially excited to see little crabs climbing on the stones.


Little crabs were climbing all over the rocks.

Scenic view, old forts and stories of pirates of the past


After a nice picnic and games, we attempted a short walk from our picnic spot to the event area near car park C before coming back.

Our short walk is scenic and relaxing

Cute mosaic of sea creatures can be spotted  on the pavement

Our walk brought us to the Machine Gun Post, Red Beacon and Dragon Teeth’s Gate.


Machine Gun Post

The machine gun post is a war relic. This bunker was built to guard 12-pounder guns on the hill right above.

labador-park-machine-gun-post-signs labador-park-machine-gun-post

Red Beacon

The Red Beacon is navigational guide in the maritime history. It marks the shortest distance between Sentosa and mainland, which is about 240m.


Dragon’s Teeth Gate

It took a good 15 mins to get from car park C to the Dragon Teeth Gate but the walk is scenic and we get to see the replica of the Dragon’s Teeth Gate or (龙牙门). The rocks go way back to the Mind Dynasty and were documented in Zheng He’s navigational map.

The replica of Dragon Teeth Gate

More information on Labrador Nature Reserve

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