Malacca Trip Part 1: Malacca Maritime Museum

Have you every been on a 16th Century ship? If you haven’t you can have an up close experience at Malacca Maritime Museum. We decide to do what many Singaporeans do and take a nice 4 hours drive up to Malacca for a short trip over a long week end and found this fun museum for kids.

The museum looks magnificent from a distance

This museum is a life size replica of a Portuguese galleon called “Flor de la Mar,” which sank in the Malacca Harbor in the 16th century.  The exterior of the ship itself make our boy extremely excited and we are up climbing the ladders up the deck and exploring the ship in no time.

A closer look at the Museum, a life size replica of a 16th Century Galleon

Close up of the ship

The people who created the replica even put up statues of sailors on the ship.

Before we went, we have read comments that the museum rather old and the English used inaccurate but the exhibits are interesting. However, it prove an interesting experience for us . There are  beautiful models of ships from different era and countries, bronze models of workers, captains, pirates, soldiers, canons and prisoner of war at different part of the ship for us to discover, explore and learn about history.

We are impressed with the beautiful models of the ships and boats from different era. They are intricately made and give us a visual feast on the ships that occupy the harbor and take part in battles long ago.

We enjoyed the beautiful ship models of different era.

Models of Portuguese War Ships

Chinese Junk and Malay Vessels placed side by side

Many life size statues of historical scenes and everyday life in the part helps us visualize what life is like then.

A scene of a typical day long ago as people trade along the river

The bronze statues at different part of the ship illustrate the activities that are carried out in the ship.

Lots of reads about Maritime history are exhibited throughout the museum.

Entrance (Include entrance fee to enter the Royal Malaysian Navy Museum just across the street. ):
Free for kids below 6
Kids below 12 : RM 1.00
Adult: RM 3.00
Hours : Daily 9.00 am to 5.00 pm . Friday – Sunday 9.00 am to 8.30 pm

Where: Jalan Quayside Melaka 75000  (By the Malacca River )

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