Peranakan Museum for Kids

I have wanted to visit the Peranakan Museum for some time as our family is a quarter Peranakan/Straits Chinese/Ba Ba/Noya* and I have been wanting to let my six year old have a little more exposure to this aspect of his heritage for some time.

The kids friendly Peranakan Museum

I am worried that the museum will not interest the kids, but they have quite a bit of fun and excitement or the two hours we spent there, thanks to the efforts from the museum to integrate kids friendly and interactive features to their exhibition space.

These exhibits at the museum depicts a marriage ceremony for olden days Babas.

There are many stations in the museum where kids can interact with.

Stop and Touch Wedding Gifts

Our boy is quite excited to put his hands in the stop and touch station where he can see, touch and feel the the exhibits. There are also audio visual to learn more and little assignments to explore all the places

Engaging multimedia stations and fun stamping stations

The boys love collecting the stamps on the colorful activity sheet provided by the museum. Each stamping station is located at different sections of the museum and introduces a symbol related to the theme of the section. The symbols are those frequently found on the motifs used by the Peranakans.

A stamping station featuring the Qilin, a symbol for pace and happiness

We found a clear multimedia presentation on how certain items are created. The boys were immediately captivated.

A multimedia presentation on how a piece of ornament is created

I love how the museum recreate a scene or living space for us to have a better idea on how the people live in the past.

A traditional Peranakan kitchen

Elaborate jewelery and culinary set up on the dinning table

Beautiful purses that have symbols and patterns sewed from beads.

The boys love playing pretend the olden day phones and touching the beaded slippers and accessories in the pull out drawers

More interactive features for the kids to touch and learn

*Peranakan/Straits Chinese and Baba-Nyonya are terms used for the descendants of late 15th and 16th-century Chinese immigrants to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Where: 39 Armenian Street  Singapore 179941
Hours: Monday: 1pm to 7pm  Tuesday to Sunday: 9am – 7pm (to 9 pm on Fridays)
$$$: $6 for adults. Free for kids below 6 and Singaporean Students
(Tip it’s half price on Friday and there are open house days from time to time)

More On Peranakan Musem on the website



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