Rainy Day Places to go with Kids in Singapore

It’s raining. You and the kids are restless. Where are the places to go on a rainy day? Here are some ideas.

Places to go on Rainy Days

Places to go on Rainy Days

1. Indoor Playground

Indoor Playgrounds  are great for keeping the kids occupied on a rainy day. It’s a good thing there are many to choose from. Some indoor playgrounds have cafe where you can rest and relax while the kids have a blast.

An indoor playground


2. Restaurants. Even better, restaurants with Play Facilities

A nice cup of coffee and promises of ice cream for good behavior do wonders.  When coupled with a nice play area where kids can get busy with, mum can have some time for enjoying the food and drinks and a chat with friends at these restaurants with play areas.


3. Visit A Museum or Gallery

Museums? Galleries? Images of stern eyes staring disapprovingly used to filled my mind. There are quite a number of kids friendly ones where the parents can have moments of peace while the kids explore the kids friendly exhibits.  Try the Philatelic Museum and Civil Defense Heritage Gallery or National Museum.

A dedicated indoor children play area at National Museum of Singapore

4. Go to the Library.

Many libraries have nice reading areas for kids so they can get comfortable with a book or more. Some libraries also have a cafe and activities for kids. Our favorites are Bishan Library where the whole basement is devoted to kid’s books and the Central Library where kids can read on a “tree” made from recycled materials.

5. Go to the Airport

Yes….you can see airplanes take off but there are plenty of other things to do and see. There are plenty of shopping, cafes,  activities areas, indoor playgrounds (at least 3) and a long tall slide kids don’t get tired of at Changi Airport

6. Visit the Science Centre

Kids can spend a whole day checking out the thousands exhibits, playing interactive games, watching movies about math and science and even experience a typhoon or earthquake at Singapore Science Centre.

7. Enjoy the Aquarium

The huge S.E.A. Aquarium and the Maritime Museum can occupy kids and adults for the whole day. Kids can play with the many interactive exhibits at the Maritime Museum and check out the sea creatures according t0 where they can be found on the planet.

8. Watch a Movie

The joy and magic of watching a movie in a theater is something kids can enjoy with a group of friends of just with you.

9. Drop in for Baking Class

Baking classes can be fun and educational. Good thing there are many baking and cooking classes to choose from.

10. Drop in an art or craft class

Art and craft gives kids something to focus and work on and build some fine motor skills while they are at it.

11. Hit the Mall

With playgrounds and frequent activities in most Malls and Shopping Places in Singapore, there is always plenty to do at malls. Checking out a book store,  a toy shop or even walking through a grocery store can be a fascinating learning experience.

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    This has been use full I think I will go to the museum thankyou

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      you are most welcome Lynne, glad the article helps

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