Rainforest Kidzworld and its Playgounds

Rainforest Kidzworld is where the super fun wet playground in the Singapore Zoo resides.

There are many many things to enjoy about going to the zoo as covered in the first part of our zoo adventure, but the simply awesome playgrounds are a great attractions for the kids.  They also works wonderfully to entice the kids to continue on their journey to destination playgrounds when they get tired of walking or when we need them to walk faster.

Water play at Rainforest Kidzworld

The giant tub with the face of an elephant.

Besides the fantastic wet playground, there are a variety of fun and challenging dry playground equipments as well well as the wonderful river crossing where kids and adults can experience the joy of teamwork.

The Rainforest Kidzworld

First, a little bit about the Rainforest Kidzworld. It’s the part of the zoo that is designed specially for kids.  Besides the playgrounds, there are activities like pony ride, hose carriage ride and carousel rides. And there is a KFC outlet too.


Welcoming entrance to the rainforest Kidzworld.


Cost of add on activities at Rainforest Kidzworld

Our boys did not pay much attention to the other activities though, zooming in to where the action is.  Not that we mind even though pricing for activities like pony ride seem quite reasonable at $6 per child. The pony is a cute sight to behold too!


Cute pony

The wet playground

The animal theme water playground is simply, awesome!  We could have spend the entire day just playing there. This is where the kids have their fun and the moms sit down and chat.  After walking all the way there, we are relief to get some rest and watch the kids play.


Water play area

We like the clear signs and a number to call if needed. Proper swimwear and swim diapers are required so be sure to bring them along.


Slides and stairs and water canons


The poles are padded to protect the kids from themselves


The giant tub of water never fails to get the kids excited


Spraying water and many small puddles lets many groups of kids play.

The Rainforest Challenge

There are interesting dry playgrounds and obstacles too. You can pretend to explore a jungle pulling a raft across a ‘river’.


The dry playground is similar to the ones seen in Hort Park but with more things to play.


Challenging obstacles, clear signs about the surrounding plants gives us more opportunity to let the kids know about plants while they play.


The obstacles are targeted at different age groups so  everyone can have fun.


River crossing is a hot favorite.


The boys love the team work and novelty of the activity

It may look pretty dry but do remove the sports shoes and socks before attempting this activity. Yes. One of our boy missed a step and have to go home with wet shoes.

Shower facilities

There are plenty of showering facilities available in this area. Kids can shower outside with their parents help or use the indoor shower facilities.  We love that they are even innovative over here with giant squid and its tentacles acting as teh shower head and sitting area.


There are also plenty of lockers in case you need it.

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