Playing at Westgate Wonderland

You can’t miss this. This outdoor playground is conveniently located at level 4 of Westgate, which is right beside Jurong East Mrt.


Westgate wonderland and Kids Club

The playground is much bigger than most mall playgrounds at 11,000 sq ft. We felt immediately at ease at the inviting entrance and music.


Welcoming Entrance of the Playground

The Tree-house and Flower Pot

Our big kids immediately run towards the tree-house which is really a soft play structure like those found in indoor playgrounds. There are many slides build in for kids to slide down after all the climbing.


Soft play structures, slides and see saw.

In case you kid doesn’t come out from the tree house, there is always the CCTV to check up on them. There is also a wide rock climbing wall at one of the entrances to the tree house, not that the kids lack stuff to climb over here.


The tree house offers lots of climbing opportunities.

I love the attention to details and the garden theme. Even the sign for the playground took the shape of a leaf, with a lady bug on top.


The garden theme can be seen everywhere in the playground.


Seats in the form of acorns and mushrooms

Passage between the big kids and toddler’s playground

It is not just a passage but a route to discover two very different areas. There are also some sitting space here and a pod like swing that the kids love hiding and swinging in.


A pod that kids love to hide and swing in.

Toddler’s playground

The flowers and bluebells, insects and frogs give lots of play opportunities for younger kids. The older kids enjoy them too as there are quite a bite of interactive elements over here.


Toddler section with cute figurines and giant flowers.


Turn to see the shape twirl and hit the bugs to get the sound of bells from the bluebells.


Interactive Panels that challenges and intrigues.

Water Play

The water play area is besides the big kids play area. It’s not too big but enough for the kids to enjoy a variery of water play.


Waterplay area.

Where: Westgate Wonderland, Westgate. (Next to Jurong East MRT station)

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Closed on the last Monday of every month from 10am to 12noon for maintenance.) Please also check their website for maintenance dates.

Author: scoutiemum

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1 comment on “Playing at Westgate Wonderland

  1. Monica Hill
    / Reply

    This is an absolutely beautiful spot! I remember well when my kids were young – they would have gone crazy at a place like this.

    It’s obviously well maintained, from the delightful welcoming signs to the climbing areas. And it’s always great to see a little kids’ area that’s geared to the toddlers and their budding abilities.

    The tree house is magnificent and the climbing wall is a great idea. I’d love to just spend some time ringing the blue bells, though.

    Singapore has so much to offer.

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