Rooftop Playground at 112 Katong

We were near the vicinity and decided to checked out the roof top outdoor playground at the 4th level of the revamped Katong Mall.

112 Katong Playground

We were pleasantly surprised to see the big open area with padded flooring and shoe racks. The main playground area of this mall playground is  a water play area where kids were having fun, enjoying the water at the colorful, inviting wet playground.

112 Katong Playground

The kids love the mushroom.

Left: Water Jets with Slap pipes at the background. Right: Big Ears

Not knowing that it is mainly a water playground, we did not bring extra cloths. The boys were happy enough to check out the musical play equipment at the sides of the playground.

The boys love the talking pipes

It did not look like much for us but they had loads of fun running on the “slope” area and trying out the different equipment. There are clear signs describing each equipment. We spotted talking tubes, slapped pipes, gong, talking drums and even a xylophone.

The Gong and Drums

There is even a giant xylophone!

Where: Level 4, 112 East Coast Road Singapore 428802
Hours: Mall hours is 10am to 10pm daily
$$$: Free

How to get to 112 Katong

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