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Cooking is one of my boy’s favourite activities at home  but  while I love letting him help me with the mixing and washing, I hesitate to let him handle  more in the kitchen. Well, that’s until we were invited to check out a  session of  Campasia’s  new Saturday Super Chef program!

Kids 6-16 years old learn to cook a variety of wholesome dishes with culinary expert Chef Tim in age appropriate classes.


The program is held at the cafeteria at Stamford American International School and the entire place is bright,  spacious and well equipped. We are impressed by the beautiful premise of SAIS too.


The kids got to make three items in this session: French Toast, Egg in a hole, Chocolate Fondant (Lava Cake) and and Chocolate Freckles using basic equipments found in the kitchen. Chef Tim got the kids or organised and excited almost immediately and everyone went off to wash their hands before starting on their first dish.

French Toast and Egg in a hole

The kids start off by making a heart shaped French Toast and Egg in a hole for Valentines day. Every one get to use a cookie cutter to cut a heart shaped frame on the bread,  crack their own egg, beat their egg and create their mixture of eggs, brown sugar and milk before dipping it in to soak.

Chef Tim keep all the kids engage and well behaved as they got handed the ingredients and equipment to get started.


My boy got to crack his first egg all by himself today!  complete the task without a hitch under Chef Tim’s instructions.


Cracking an egg can be such fun

They were also taught to butter the bread with just a spoon and some butter. When someone’s heart shape bread in the hole broke apart, Chef Tim just show them that it’s okay and the “broken heart” can be fixed while frying it on the pan with the egg in the middle.


Adding butter to the bread with the back of a spoon

Every one have a good time laughing about their own and each other’s “broken heart” as they work and then take turns to let Chef Tim cook their toast and eggs  before adding final touches dusting their toast with icing sugar.




Chocolate Fondant (Lava Cake)

 Lava Cake! Sounds impressive? Well the kids ere taught to make this seemingly difficult dish and we were all impressed with what the kids can do. Kids were also taught to work together, handle kitchen equipment and use their math skills as they take turns to use the weighing scale, whisk the sugar and eggs, grease and dust the ramekins with butter and cocoa powder and fill the ramekins with batter. They even learn how to separate the egg whites from the egg yolk with just the egg shells as they prepare the chocolate batter.


Kids love Tim and he is super good and humorous with all the things kids come out with. He is very knowledgeable too and will share with the kids and parents the reason why certain things are being done.

After the ramekins were safely in the oven, the Chef and kids have some fun and my boy got a chocolate beard which he happily ate.



A group picture in front of the beautiful lava cakes


Hot lava oozing out of the cakes

Chocolate Freckles

This is such fun to make and so pretty and colourful as well! The kids love making and decorating these then waited patiently for them to cool in the fridge.



There are lots of fun and laughter during the class and the kids made friends easily while engaging in the fun activities and enjoying the results of their hard work.

Both mum and kid left the session having learn something new. Recipes and know how of yummy snacks that are easy to prepare, knowledge of safety and hygiene in the kitchen and most of all the spirit of team work and the joy of preparing a meal together.

Saturday Super Chef is a 8 Week Cooking Course by Camp Asia, lead by Head Chef Tim Ong  who has had over 1,000 kids whip up over 20,000 dishes with him at Camp Asia’s Holiday Camps over the pass years.  The course is divided in to three groups – Little Chefs for kids 6-8, Homemade Fast Food for older children 9-11 and Dishes To Save Your Life for teens and tweens 12-16 years old


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2 comments on Saturday Super Chef – Cooking Classes for Kids

  1. Andrea Robinson
    / Reply

    This is so much fun and so positive, too! I’m really enthusiastic about what Camp Asia’s doing and how thorough they were in setting the whole thing up. I loved the pictures! These kids look really turned on!

    It’s so great to see a youngster learning. They just love to try new things and they’re not afraid of a little adventure. I think their enthusiasm will pay off as they get older and have to learn how to cook. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Librarylady
    / Reply

    This looks like a great class. It sounds like the teacher makes if fun for the kids and the projects seem to be on par for the age levels. I remember group cooking projects in Home Economics class as a teen. It was quite an adventure if not always edible. Cooking is a great hobby to cultivate.

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