Singapore Science Centre

The Singapore Science Centre got to be one of our favorite places to hang out for the kids. There is so much to see and learn and explore that each of our trips felt too short to see and explore all that we want to see.

Even just it’s Kinetic Garden have plenty to explore and educational and fun exhibitions like water works and Earth:Our Untamed Planet can keep the kids occupied for hours. Science shows and talks are an added bonus.

Science Shows and Interesting presentations

Science Show like this one simply captivates

The Einstein robot that looks like it  is climbing up a rope.

Science phenomena are presented in interesting ways that fascinates the kids.

Misty Bodies never fails to fascinates the kids Singapore Science Centre.

A chance to look at Chicks hatching

Eggs in this transparent incubator gives kids a chance to watch chicks being hatch.

Learn about Sound and Kinetics

Oscylinder Scope at Singapore Science Centre.

The Gravitram and Echo tube.

Explore the Earth and Experience its Nature Phenomena

Learn about the earth and nature phenomena like typhoon, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and it affect us at Earth:Our Untamed Planet

Learn about robots and see them in action.

Learn about Climate Change and what we can do about it.

Learn about Climate Change

Learn about Robots

Learn about robots and see them in action.

History of Robots.

Math and how it applies to Everyday life

Learn about math and what the nature around us have to do with it.

Or even understand why the chance of winning lotteries is really small.

Learn about Our bodies, Diseases that affect us

Learn about our bodies through interactive exhibits.

There are lots of booth with engaging computer games and multimedia.

Diseases and how they spread.

The Kinetic Garden

The Kinetic Garden just outside  of the Science Centre is free and the interesting structures keeps the kids occupied and learning about physics, sound and its also offer loads of fun.

The Kinetic Garden have many Structures to explore and play with.

Water Works

The water play and fun Waterworks brings can keep the children busy for hours. Keep this as the last stop as they will probably want stay there till the place close.

Fun and learning with water play.

Where: 15 Science Centre Road Singapore 609081
$$$: $9 for Adults and $6 for Kids
Hours: Daily 10 am – 6 pm.

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