The Future of Us – Review

Okay it is mummy that really want to see this exhibition. Hey it’s about the future after all and that would be relevant to So we arrange a play date and the will be relevant to our boys, right? The boys enjoyed themselves and there are some interesting visuals and shows and bits of information for mummy.


The exhibition is sequential so you have to visit it in the order of 1. The Future Express 2. Theatre of Generations 3. Symphony of the City 4. Home Tomorrow 5. Blue Skies and 6. The Lion.

Here’s the exhibition in the order of the parts we like best.

The Lion

Mummy’s Rating: 4th out of the 6 exhibits. Kiddo’s Rating: Best out of 6 exhibits.

This is kiddo’s favourite. Plenty of swings to play with, pretty to look at and best of all, the Lion Roars when you create enough power by swinging. And a floating crescent and star appears and float into the sky!


Home Tomorrow

Mummy’s Rating: Best out of the 6 exhibits. Kiddo’s Rating: 2nd out of 6 exhibits.

This is the 4th exhibition area. After watching the shows, Mummy is happy to enter this “world” with interactive features about defence, education, health care and renewable energy. Mummy find it very informative and likes the how waste can be convert into energy. Kiddo thinks it is interactive and fun.


Blue Skies

Mummy’s Rating: 4th out of the 6 exhibits. Kiddo’s Rating: 3rd out of 6 exhibits.

Cool to look at and fun to write or draw something before sending it up to the bubbles above. Good to see people sending well meaning messages.


Theatre of Generations

Mummy’s Rating: 3rd out of the 6 exhibits . Kiddo’s Rating: 4th out of the 6 exhibits.

Nice show to be introduce us to the future and link it with the past generation. Cool to watch it in a 360 Dome too.


Symphony of the City

Mummy’s Rating: 2nd out of the 6 exhibits. Kiddo’s Rating: 6th out of 6 exhibits


Cool digital show. The MC says it’s the best part of the exhibition. It’s really cool looking and quite entertaining. The room comes complete with comfortable bean bags for a great experience. Kiddo feels the show is not that entertaining.

The Future Express

Mummy’s Rating: 6th out of the 6 exhibits . Kiddo’s Rating: 5th out of the 6 exhibits

Not that much to see but the tunnel looks cool.

Overall Experience

We thought we learn something about the plans ahead for Singapore and some of the ideas are quite cool. The exhibition also let us experience some nifty stuff like the 360 degree dome theatre, interactive installations and the foam machine that make cresent and foam bubbles.

The exhibition also hopefully instil in the kids the idea that they should think about making their future world a better place just like our fore fathers have done for them.


The exhibition should take about 1-2 hrs. Being located at Gardens by the Bay, however, means it could go together with a trip to Gardens by the Bay’s amazing playground. Alternatively, time it in the evening so you can enjoy the Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay (Till 3 Jan).

When: 1 December 2015 to 8 March 2016, 9am – 9pm daily (Last entry at 8.30pm)
Where: 30 Marina Boulevard (near Bayfront MRT Station (CE1/DT16))
$$$: Free (You can book a ticket before you go so that you can be sure you got the time slot you want. )

For more information check out The Future of Us Exhibition website

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