The Maritime Experiential Museum™

We checked out The Maritime Experiential Museum together with our trip to RWS ‘s SEA Aquarium. It was not what expected, after having visited a very different Maritime Museum in Malacca.

Beautiful display of a fleet of ships.

The magnificent view of an ancient Chinese “Bao Chuan” or Treasure Vessel greeted us at the entrance. A giant screen plays a 3D animated movie.  The kids were immediately attracted to the animation which portray the maritime exploration of Admiral Zheng He and  the development of maritime trade.

Magnificent Chinese Treasure Vessel at the entrance.

Interactive Exhibits

There is a good mix of interactive exhibits and more traditional display. What is great is many of the exhibits are openly display so we can feel and get up close to them. There are many interactive games  and displays that kept the kids very busy.

Interactive Games on a giant digital  touch screen

Displays of trade items with clear signs.

The children have lots of fun playing with the drums.

Interactive Game for kids to play as a group.

Pirates, treasure vessel and more fun for the kids

The lower level of the museum have more fun stuff for the kids. They were super excited to see this giant map of the world on the floor and proceed to play on it. The map shows ship wrecks and pirate hotspots. The orange colour circles are the pirate’s bases and pink circles are the pirate’s liar.

The children love playing on the giant map.

The spots on the map lights up.

Display of the exotic animals in the treasure vessel

A hot favorite is this display that looks unassuming at first. The boys got stuck there for almost and hour, making one pot then another, then another in an attempt to make a pot that will auction for the highest price.

Make a pot and auction it

Scenes like this shows what happens in history and introduces famous characters such as Zheng He and James Brooke.

Display of historical scenes in wax figurines.

Battle games!

It’s not all about historical stuff but we can see how maritime trade and ships evolve.

Learning about the transformation of maritime history.

Where:Resorts World Sentosa 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269 (Resort World have a pretty comprehensive page on how to get there on their site.)
Hours : 10am – 7pm Daily
$$$: $29 for Adults, $20 for kids (4 to 12 years old) and $20 for Senior Citizens (60 years old & above) Tickets include entrance to SEA Aquarium.

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