Tickle Tickle at Delta Sports Complex

[Tickle Tickle cease operations on 17 Sept 2018.]

Tickle Tickle is a indoor playground at Delta Sports Complex, taking up the little space that Atlantis City once occupied.  It was a wet afternoon and I figured we could just go over and spent an hour or so there. We ended  up spending almost four hours there even without any play date. There is simply so many things to play with.

This small playground is surprisingly fun!

Unlike most indoor playgrounds that have only play structures or a collection of toys in a play space, Tickle Tickle has the best of both worlds. There is a small, but fully equipped soft play structure and plenty of toys. The best part is how the play space is organized.  The kids absolutely love the”Shops”, “Cafe” and and  Home area which allows kid to play in small groups and have their fill with role playing and exploring the carefully selected toys in context.

Role-playing Houses

The role-playing houses are love at first sight for my boy. There is a “Supermarket” “Repair Shop”, a “Cafe”,  and “Home”. Each role-playing house has its own set of toys and activity stations and looks awesomely like a shop right out of a cartoon.

The “Supermarket” and “My House”

The “Cafe’ and the “Repair Shop”

The “Repair Shop” is a boy’s magnet with cool car toys and fix-it toys in side.

The work bench and cool multistory car park in the “Repair Shop”

The super-market is loaded with interesting stuff.

Cool shopping cart that looks like a smaller version of the real thing.

The play-food here has a local favor. We see play-food like crabs, kiwi and star fruit as well as egg tarts. The “cash register” has a calculator on it so kids can play cashier and start counting up the cost of the groceries.

Love the “Singaporean” favor of the play-food.

We can see our “Neighbor” role playing house from the interior of the “Supermarket”

The house include a baby high chair and stroller and baby dolls even the boys love to play with.

The “Cafe” is well stock with cup cakes and pizza and other wooden play-food to cut and slice with. The kids likes to bring toys from one house to another so some of the toys sort of got mixed up later in the day.

If only they are so zealous about vacuming at home too.

We love how the colour  on the play-mat act as “roads” for the kids to travel between the houses.

Soft-play Structure

The soft play structure has a sweet candy theme. It’s small but have all the elements needed to help the kids release their energy. We love the flying fox and trampoline.

The soft play structure with a trampoline beside it.

The tunnel, ball pit, slides and stairs.

The flying fox is weeee fun!

It is quite interesting to see the children switch from one kind of play to another. As the afternoon progress and more kids enter the playground, the children start to form their own group.  Some of  the kids start to get really excited and bring toys from the playhouses into the soft play area. The staff are quite proactive and will go in to advise the kids on right way to play and sometimes collect the toys to bring them back to where they belong.

Open Play Area

The open play area has a huge and extremely interesting doll house, a tree house and “bus” as well as a variety of toy cars, baby toys and train set.

This small playground is surprisingly fun!

This small playground is surprisingly fun!

By mid afternoon, the train set is no longer in its original position and the older boys try to figure out how the fix it back.

This small playground is surprisingly fun!

The Little Things that Counts

An area is now designated for kids parties which means less days for the playground to be close to public. The parent sitting area has a table where we can relax while watching the kids. There is also hot and cold drinks being serve. Socks is  a must here for everyone’s hygiene.

The wash room of the sports complex is right next to the playground so it is quite convenient for parents who need to change the nappies of the young toddlers.

We also appreciate how the staff periodically go around vacuuming the place to ensure the area is kept clean.

The location and amenities.

The area can be a little inconvenient for people who does not drive. We were quite familiar with the place and took a 15 minutes walk from Redhill Mrt Station. Parking is free on Sundays if you drive though. Be sure to have you meal first or ave food with you as there isn’t real food reasonably near by even though you can buy some drinks and snacks at the play area.

Where: Delta Sports Complex, 900 Tiong Bahru Road (Entrance via Alexandra Rd)
$$$: $12 for unlimited play on week days and $14 on weekends.
Hours: 10 a.m to 7.30pm daily


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    Thanks for the review! We love this playground. Small but very worth it.

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