Tree Top Walk Adventure via MacRitchie Nature Trail

We have long wanted to try out the HSBC Tree Top walk and thought it’s a perfect excuse to give our boys some work out on a Saturday.

Our research says that we can go from MacRitchie Reservoir and there is a nice little cafe right that to fill our bellies before we go. The food is pretty reasonable and there are rest rooms and maps of the area for us to get orientated.

It’s there were we see that our route could potentially be 10.8 Km?

That’s  referring to a round trip.  A google search shows that it’s about 4.5 km (1.5 – 2 hr walk) from where we are to the entrance of Tree top walk and 2.5 km (45 mins – 1 hr walk) from the car park at Venus Drive. We figured that if we are too tired on the way back we can just take the Venus Drive exit. So off we go. There are plenty of signs to show us where to go.

It’s a scenic walk to the entrance of the forest on a Saturday as there are groups practicing canoeing.

MacRitchie Nature Trail

You cannot miss the entrance. Which shows that we are taking the MacRitchie Nature Trail to the Tree Top Walk. The bridge opens at 9 am from Tue to Friday and at 8.30 on Satuday, Sunday and Public holidays. Last entry is at 4.45pm, so be sure to allow yourself enough time to get to the bridge.

There are plenty of signs to educate us on the dos and don’ts of using the nature reserve.

It feels cool even when it is hot outside as we are sheltered by the canopy of the forest. We chance on a sighting of a iguana or monitor lizard which get the kids all intrigue.

We get monkey sightings too!

About 4 km later…the boys are complaining about the distance.

Okay, 4.6km later..good thing we have plenty of water but even that is running out.

Tired ….

Thankfully, by now we are close to the Ranger Station.

Yes ! There is a water cooler and a place to rest, use the restroom and recharge before going the next 0.6km to the Tree Top Walk!.

The Tree Top Walk

Energized, the boys ran up the stairs that will lead us to the entrance of the steel suspension bridge, 25 m above the forest floor. We take our time, stopping to read the signs and information posters.

The boys reach the treetop walk way before us, strolling leisurely.

We found them “patiently waiting” for us with a long-tailed macaque which had stationed itself on the railing. We are a little intimidated and hesitated before avoiding the primate’s eye contact and hurry past the narrow walkway.

After getting past the monkey “guard”, it’s a nice 250m walk to the other side. It’s a little wobbly at some parts but nothing to worry about. It’s make of 80.75 tons of steel.

The view from the top.

The way back

The hike does not ends here of course, we still need to make our way back. The way back are flights and flights of stairs both up and down and educational signs about the forest and its fauna and flora.

The boys zoom pass us and were waiting by a stream when we found them. After reaching the Terentang Hut, we take a short break before going back to the Ranger Station and take the Venus link way back.

It’s almost 4 o’clock when we reach Venus Drive, after more than 6 hours hike! Both the mum and the boys are famished and tired, but enjoyed the good work out enjoying nature.

Getting there

Where: 601 Island Club Rd, 578775
Hours: 8.30 – 5pm on Weekend and Public holidays.

To get there using the MacRitchie nature trail like we did you can start from MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Alternatively your an go via Venus Drive way to  the Tree Top Walk.

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